10 Most Popular Social Media Management Tools

The mode of business is changing fast, with the growing dependency on social media. This new found platform provides an excellent marketplace for even small activities. Even one little marketing campaign matters a massive deal for upfronting your social presence. We are here to talk about the most popular social media management tools that we use now.

The communication role plays quite an essential part of reinforcing your business to the mainstream media. And hence, we have handpicked the collection of the 10 Best Social Media Management Tools. As the new decade approaches, it’s time for more up-to-date strategies to show up for the time of dire need.


Top 10 Social Media Management Tools for Your Benefit

1. Sprout Social

This one tops our list because of the collaborative features in addition to its wide range of trusted software tools. Moreover, it is equally fitting for large as well as small businesses. Make a valuable connection with your consumers to get your leads into sales.

In so many ways, it comes off as a complete package for monitoring, scheduling, publishing, and so on. Also, it allows you to get access to their Smart Inbox, which is like your half job is done.


  • It provides overall media metrics.
  • Powerful campaign analytics is available.
  • This has customized features for publishing.
  • Customer support gives the best help.
  • It is equipped with pre-determined Message scheduling.
  • There’s a free trial of a 30-day period that is good for beginners.

2. HootSuite

The second entry of our list is probably the most popular and, in this space for quite some time now. Hootsuite social media management tool was founded in the year of 2008. Moreover, it is a one-stop-shop for all of your social media needs. It also helps in tracking the media activities, collaborations, and of course, the scheduled posts.


  • It allows the curation of the content.
  • The scheduling of the business is easy.
  • Allows Monitoring of social media spaces.
  • Equipped with automated boosting for the best performing content.
  • The free subscription allows the user to connect three of social profiles.
  • It comes with RSS integration included.

3. SEMrush

When it comes to auditing and SEO matters, this platform serves the best. SEMrush interface welcomes to manage several social media profiles and researching the apt keywords for your content. You will experience the luxury of posting while browsing through the internet, which is a great add on.

In other words, it has all of the essential things that will grant you into the data analysis at a deeper level. Also, it increases the value of your online presence.


  • The competitor analytics tool is quite beneficial.
  • Allow monitor performance compared to others.
  • Social Media Toolkit allows us to schedule posting, editing of pictures, and also import from CSV files.
  • It provides you with in-depth audience analytics.
  • SEMrush allows appropriate PR planning for more significant leads.

4. Commun.it

If you are one of those people who are more interested in Twitter marketing, then it will be the unmatchable kit. An essential thing for your business is for genuine connection and nurture public relations. Both of them are possible causes for this platform. It works as one of the Social Media Management Tools free service.


  • The action list is quite intimidating.
  • It comes off as totally handy while taking concrete digital marketing strategies.
  • All of your conversations are curated in one place, much easier for handling.
  • Get well-acquainted with the followers to spread your name.
  • Equipped with a robust reporting method.
  • It is cheaper than competitors.

5. Tailwind

One of the best Social Media Management Tools for small business out there. Intelligent and high-performance content posting also analytical reporting is their niche. As this is one verified partner, there are no chances for API restrictions for Instagram posting.


  • The specific browser extension allows you to choose several designs for your individual post.
  • Better performer in the picture loving platforms like Instagram or Pinterest because of image cropping.
  • Tribes feature lets you develop communication with fellow marketers.  
  • The Smart Queue feature is here for pinning and posting in the scheduled apt timings.
  • Essential tracking analytical tools for delivering the reporting framework.

6. Buffer

If you are in the marketing game already, then you’ve probably heard of it. Buffer social media management is free for up to 3 social media profiles, so that’s a hit. Moreover, it has gained a much-deserved reputation in providing clarity and credibility to the users. It also allows you to post on different sites at scheduled times, which is a great thing.


  • Pablo tool provides the right visuals for your post.
  • Always an option of customization of the texts, image filters, sizing.
  • Three separate segments for all your needs: Publish, Analyze and Reply
  • Equipped with ultimate management for contents.
  • There is a valuable browser extension.
  • A fantastic web application for easy integration with platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • Easy scheduling.

7. Sendible

If you run your brand and agencies while holding up to multiple clients, then this is the best choice. Also, it works well for a team of marketers because of the in-built functionality. It will relieve you from the stress of going through numerous client details and handling sales leads. 


  • Well-trackage of performance of the campaign.
  • It grants the space for multiple users and clients.
  • It provides an interactive calendar for more significant benefits.
  • This comes with more than 20 integrations and also keeps count on platforms like Slack.
  • The compose box gives us the opportunity of post-editing and sharing on multiple websites.
  • You have free trials before the paid marketing can start.
  • It allows post-tailoring.

8. Social Pilot

This one comes as a fan’s favorite. The competitive pricing, intelligent reporting framework all of these attributes make it the best free Social Media Management Tools 2020. They will keep you alert in every possible situation. Moreover, they are updating and adding several new features to keep pace with the increasing traffic.


  • The calendar feature is the best one.
  • The smart ways of reporting and analytical mapping.
  • Brand management is handy.
  • Content curation is always a great help.
  • It comes with an onboarding session.
  • Equipped with proper integration of variant social profiles.

9. Meet Edger

Content is the most important driving force for any business marketing, so you got to keep up with that. You can be sent out appropriate content to the desired niche of your feeds for engaging the viewers. Moreover, you can also have a clear visualization of how your materials are working and to what extent. In brief, it is one of the most viable Best Social Media Management Tools, 2020.


  • There is an auto-refill queue feature.
  • The URL shortener helps in time-saving.
  • The content library comes with a variety of required acquaintances. 
  • The video uploader is direct.
  • Management of multiple social media presence.
  • Natural language processing enables social posting by rendering the most straightforward ways. 

10. Agora Pulse

This is unique, but the best Social Media Management Tools for small businesses as per its incredible performance. For starters, it is an excellent tool for scheduling and publishing your content. It helps you in identifying the appropriate customers and the development of your content according to their interests. Moreover, it comes with some great and efficient set of tools for gathering the stats and data reporting for the generation of media insights.


  • The standard scheduling and queuing of posts involved.
  • The mesh filtering of apt keywords.
  • The good tracing of your crucial conversations.
  • Team collaboration is unmatchable.

Final Words

With the increasing market demand of the current scenario, these management tools are quite the interest of the generation. You can also approach the experts for personal social media manager needs. This is in the case where you are doubtful of handling all that hustle on your own.  We have enlisted the best ten tools to go for. But, it requires more research to get through the whole process. We recommend checking out for the pricing rates of the different web tools. Give it a good thought before choosing any of them, as it will be vital for your business in the long run.

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