5 Best Keyword Research Tools For 2020

Done with your website design? Now it is time to gain right rank in search engines with keyword research tools.

Gaining a relevant rank on search engines is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only that website could succeed which are returned as a result to search query. This searched query is better known as keywords in search engines. When you or any other user search with a keyword, a number of websites are returned as a result of those searched keywords but have you ever wondered how this is returned by search engines?

A search engine keeps on tracking websites and lists them on the basis of the keywords they include thus with this aspect it is obvious that keywords and their relevancy is essential in search engines and thus including right keyword in website becomes quite crucial because it is keyword that can help you gain right rank and automatically right users.

Stuffing keywords in your website just in order to gain right rank cannot work you need to include those keywords that are relevant to your website and that are mostly searched by users online but how to identify which keywords are mostly searched by your desirable online users on search engines?

To this keyword research tools can help. Keyword research tools can help you identify the keywords and their probability of search on search engines so that you can include those keywords in your website to increase the probability of getting ranks on search engines.

People spend thousands and thousands just in order to find that which keyword must be included on website so that it could obtain right rank and right online users to website and this is because they are not aware that this is possible with simple free keyword research tools which can let them conduct relevant research of finding keywords that must be included to your website for getting rank on search engine results page of search engines in return to the searched query.

Here are the 5 best keyword research tools for 2020

Google Keyword Planner

The Google planner is a most widely used keyword research tool and this is because it comes as integration with Google Adword. This is a good tool for initial keyword research for a new website. It helps owner identify those keyword phrases including which one can boost the organic traffic to the website. With this tool, a user can search for new keywords and other ad group’s ideas as well. Get lots and lots of keyword choices to include in your website with their traffic forecasts and search volume relevancy. Using Google keyword planner is easy because in this one just needs to enter the respective product or service, the competitive landing pages, and the relevant keyword to know about all the competitive keywords which must be included in the website for better ranking.

Google Keyword Planner


This is a good keyword finder for long tail keywords. This can help you identify everything about a long tail keyword which may include its trends, its search volume, its CPC rate and the difficulty of results. This is a tool that works in a question-based format for better keyword research. This is good for focusing on highly targeted traffic and conversions. By using a KW finder user can also find specific details of a single long tail keyword and it also helps you dig a particular keyword to include one in your website for better rankings. With this, it adds up additional dimensions like the page’s back-links, social shares, and traffic.



SEM Rush is impressive keyword research tool because of its specific features that let users conduct a research about those keywords that tend to receive a better ranking on competitive search engines like Google and Bing. With this tool, one can collect in-depth information about the CPC, volume, trend, and number of results for a keyword. This tool also helps you find ad copies for a keyword. This helps you analyze relevant keywords that are included in top 100 domains. By finding long tail keywords using SEM Rush and including them on your website, gain good search engine rankings.


Word Tracker

This is a keyword research tool that focuses on finding those keywords with which your competitors are gaining ranks on search engines. The Word tracker is suitable for small businesses for keyword research and backlinks building purposes. This compromises of three tools that are keyword tool, link builder and strategized which are all useful for a new business and a new website. The keyword tool of Word tracker is useful as it let find all those relevant keywords with which a website can gain top ranks in search engine results pages. This can also be a useful tool if you want to develop new strategic SEO platform for your website because it comes with a complete package.



Ahref is one of the most powerful keyword research tools that let you identify those keywords which will receive the highest number of clicks on any search engines. It has a special graph integration features which can help you know those keywords that are more likely to gain both the high traffic and better click altogether. Ahref is a keyword finder tool that helps gather even the extensive detail of a particular keyword including the keyword difficulty. This uses the clickstream data to identify the click rate of the keyword on search engines. The keyword explorer of this tool is useful and powerful for website owners. By including those highly searched keywords as suggested by Ahref on the website one can ensure getting targeting online users on the website.


Long Tail Pro

This is based on a cloud-based system used widely for effective keyword research. This is a paid keyword research tool that is also available as platinum version. With this tool, one can find several keyword suggestions of the relevant niche. It helps to find a detailed analysis of a particular keyword also. With all this, the tool also comes with an amazing feature of competition checker that let you pick right keyword.

Long Tail Pro

Keyword In

When you are looking to get relevant long tail keywords for your website you can trust this tool. It successfully combines various small keywords to generate one large keyword for your website. The tool mashes word together and provides a long list of keywords that can be included on the website for better rankings. It is easy and simple to use keyword research tool suitable for new websites. Keyword In, can help you get best results without any complications.

Keyword In

With these keyword research tools conduct a helpful research of the most searched keywords and wisely include them on your website to gain better rankings. When it is about right keyword research, an only right tool must be trusted because wrong research can somehow affect the relevancy of your website. It is your duty to compare various keyword research tools and find which is suitable for your website and its ranking.

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15 thoughts on “5 Best Keyword Research Tools For 2020

  1. Great content. I have used Ahref previously. Currently using SEM rush. I think SEM is No 1 for having different functionalities.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing post! I’ll check out all this tools and hope to find out one that fits my website =)

  3. This is a really helpful post indeed. I am sure it will help a lot of bloggers out. Keywords are a really step in your blog game so having this advice is so important.

  4. I just opened my Amazon Merch account and was looking for a Keyword Research Tool. This is very helpful. Thank you so much.

  5. Wow! So far I’d been aware of Google Keyword Planner alone, but given the number of longtail keywords that are gaining momentum, versus the crowded solo keywords, this might be something I look more into. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. it always good to know and explore different plugins and tools and other softwares to help site owner grow as a business/blogger and achieve their ultimate goal

  7. I use Keysearch as my preferred keywords research tool. Sometimes I check with Semrush as well, but their free version is so limited.

  8. All the mentioned tools are really amazing, however they are costly too. I would like to mention another tool in this list. That is keyseacrh.co. It is just amazing and the price is super cheap compared to other tools.

  9. Thanks for this useful post! Keywords are so important. And since Keywords Anywhere became a paid tool, I have been looking for a free app that is as good as Keyword Anywhere. I will try the sites you mentioned above!

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