Best Question and Answer Websites to Help You with SEO

In the early days, people had to visit various libraries and collect different books to get knowledge about various things. The biggest achievement of modern technology is the internet. The Internet has made learning so easy that you can learn anything in detail without searching for any books. Moreover, with question and answer websites, it’s become even easier. So if you have no idea about this and you are curious, keep scrolling and reading.

What are the question and answer websites?

Well, with the use of the best question and answer websites, people can ask anything about any topic and get the answer provided. People can literally chat with knowledgeable people here and ask for whatever query they have. Not only that anyone who knows more about any topic can share their knowledge here and help everyone to know more.

Apart from this, you can even increase the traffic to your website using the popular q&a websites. Just as you can ask questions, you can also answer questions to help other people. Furthermore, you can leave a link to a relevant content page so the person can reach out for the required information.

Below-listed pros of a q&a website will help you in further understanding of how to use these websites and forums for SEO purposes.

Various Pros of using question and Answer websites for SEO

For SEO, question and answer sites can set a good platform, for increasing their popularity and visiting. Here are some benefits:

  • Question and answer websites can easily get attention from the users.
  • When one asks any question, many people come to give the answers and comment about their views on that topic.
  • These websites create an advanced channel that can control much traffic.
  • The backlinking can get a good structure and background by these top question-answer sites. 
  • These question-answer sites for SEO support blogging that can easily bring people active and interested.

Best Question and Answer Websites You Should Consider Using

So, without further due, let’s check out the various question and answer websites that can get you the answers to your questions or website to answer questions for SEO purposes. is a q&a website that helps with the exchange of knowledge between people. It was bought by two entrepreneurs named Bill Gross and Henrik Jones at a startup studio called Idealab. The website is the main product of Answers Corporation. is a site where people can ask any kind of questions, answer those questions and even improve upon those answers if someone wishes to.


Moreover, it is one of the best online question asking sites. The site provides authority backed and trustworthy answers to the questions that enable people to make better decisions. The site is especially useful to marketers who use it for solving various solutions.

Yahoo! Answers

You are probably well acquainted with the Yahoo question and answer forum already. This popular and powerful site with millions of users, on the list, always has the best answer for everything. Moreover, the structural pattern of cateries for each question got to be the pro. You can get your answer much easier from this website, over others.

Furthermore, you can always find relevant and up-to-date categories according to your preferences. You are also able to find a couple of answers in which you can opt for the one best suited. The answers generally get ratings from the viewers.

Moreover, only the best rate one comes in the display section of answers. You can find them in Yahoo questions and answers home, without much effort.

yahoo answers, one of the best q & a Website

Blurt it is another specialized website for all your enigmas and unanswered queries. It comes in the Top 10 answer sites counting list. No requirements of registering before getting any answers top our priority of preferences. Here, you get to browse through endless categories. Also, there are question-answer pairs posted by different people, you can find the relevant ones, too. This comes as quite easy and simple even for beginners.

Blurt it (social Q&A community)

Moreover, the registration process is also simpler than most of the sites.  They maintain their standards to the Best yahoo answers questions meeting the contemporary parables. It keeps you the everyday update you need.

wikiHow is another great option for searching answers to your questions without worrying much about the niche. This is because this site covers almost every niche. Moreover, whenever we Google something, especially with the title that starts with “how-to,” wikiHow is the most seen sites with relevant solutions.

wikihow, most popular website to get the answers to your how to questions

However, you can directly use this site to find answers related to a variety of categories. The categories of this one of the most popular q&a websites range from Arts and entertainment to health, work, sports or more. Moreover, the website is easy to navigate through. You can fill in your question as shown in the picture above and get it answered in a few seconds that involve trusted and expert advice. is one of the most popular q&a websites that offer articles focusing on a task and a how-to guide to how that task can be done. Country Rosen was the one who founded the website in the year 1999. Presently Leaf Group owns the website. 

The website is well-known for its detailed instructions on how the steps one needs to take in order to do any work. Their subjects range everything from beauty rituals to official work instructions like how to file for a divorce. The website also offers step by step videos demonstrating every little thing. All the content makers of the website are freelancers. It has become a website that can answer any question.

eHow Question and answer Website is an answer engine that was created and owned by Wolfram Alpha LLC. It was written in the code language of Wolfram. Also, this is one of those websites that answer your questions. It is different from other question-answer sites in the way that this website curates data, where semantic sites index all the answers and then find out the question that matches it.

Wolframalpha to get your questions answered

Furthermore, the website collects data from both academic and commercial kinds of websites. When someone asks a question, the website provides the answer from computational facts. is one of the commercial online question answer sites. The website runs with the same software that runs Stack Overflow. It is a part of their network. It was created by Community-authored. The website is a community based one. There are more than six lakh users registered on the website. The members can both ask and answer the questions.

Askubuntu ask your questions to get answers

The members can also vote for the questions and answers. That way, members gain reputation points. Also, the members’ reputation is determined by the answers they provide. Moreover, the answers that reputed members provide are more trusted than someone who does not have a similar reputation. Reputed members get privileges similar to moderators. is one of the websites that give answers to questions on the English language. It is a great platform for enthusiasts for the English language, English language linguists and etymologists. 

English Stackexchange another question answer website

The website is a part of the Stack Exchange network of expert q&a sites. People will be able to get all the answers to any of their queries about the English language. Most helpful answers are voted up. When someone asks any question, the top voted answers show up first. If the person who asked the question finds the answers to it helpful, they can mark it as ‘accepted’.

An American author and professor named Marshall Brain is the man who created this website that answers any question regarding how stuff works. It is an educational kind of website that is now owned by the mass media company iHeartMedia.

howstuffworks question answer

The main objective of the website is to provide the readers or viewers with information about how various things are made and how stuff works. One of the key aspects of the website is that it uses various ways and different media to show and explain to its audience various complex mechanisms, concepts, and terminology. They use different kinds of media like photography, videography, animation, articles, diagram, etc. is one of the best question answer websites which was founded in 2009 and based in the United States. One of the fascinating stories behind Quora is that two former employees of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo, and Charlie Cheever founded it. 

Quora best question and answer website

On this website, all internet users can ask, answer, and edit their content. It is a collaborative kind of website where many people can come together and edit the answers to make them more useful. Quora is famous for its well-grounded answers to important questions. Moreover, the reason behind it is that many expert people write from their experience.

It is a social network service, especially for scientists or people who are involved in any kind of research work. It is a commercial European site that was created by Ijad Madisch. Scientists and researchers use the site for sharing their research papers, asking any questions and answering them. It is one of the best community question answering websites. It has the highest users, way more than any other site.

researchgate help you to get answers to your questions is a website for people who are into web development. Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle founded it. They founded the website in the year 1999 in Australia. The website provides web development enthusiasts books, courses, articles about the topic that will help them with their own web development process.


In the beginning, the website was making money by sponsorship and various advertisements. But now it becomes one of the best sites that pay to answer any questions. The company faced a downfall in 2000, and for income, they started publishing books.

It is one of the top question-answer sites. The website is famous for its handling of a diverse range of topics. It is the kind of website that is self-moderating in nature. Different sites exclusively cover different topics. It has under its umbrella other similar sites like Stack Umbrella, Super User, and Ask Ubuntu.


All the umbrella sites are designed similar to Stack Overflow. The questions that are being asked, the answers that are given and even the users are under a reputation award process. 


It is the official website of The Library of Congress, which is the official research library of the United States. Among the oldest libraries in the United States, it has taken its place. There are more than thirty-eight million books and many other printed materials, and more than three million recordings.

It further involves almost fourteen million photographs, more than five million maps, more than eight million pieces of sheet music, and almost seventy million manuscripts. The director is Carla Hayden, presently. Also, the website is great for anyone interested in American history. One can use it as question-answer sites for SEO.

loc gov

It is one of those question websites that cater to the needs of people who need help with their computers. The website was founded in 1998 by Nathan Emberton and eventually became the number one place for everything related to computers. It provides free support to technical issues. It is the best place online for any kind of free help for computers. 

computer hope

This website provides the necessary information and support. The website comes with a staggering ten thousand pages that are specially designed to help the users with computer-related questions.

Final words

There are many question and answer websites that have made learning easier these days. But, still, we are going to mention the two best websites among them. eHow is a website where you can see different categories. Also, you can choose any category to ask about that particular topic. Some of these topics are cooking, decorations and other daily requirements. Researchgate is an online question-answer website where anyone can get the answer to any scientific question and also share their innovative ideas here. It has some platforms like mathematics, engineering, biology, chemistry, etc.

Moreover, if you have any questions regarding how to use these question and answer sites for SEO, just comment below or check this article.

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