10 Best Free YouTube Alternatives

Looking for YouTube alternatives? Well, below is the list of some of the best websites like YouTube.

Undoubtedly, YouTube rules the world of video streaming platforms. It has billions of videos that people view daily. With the addition of a large amount of content each day, the number of unhappy users is also growing. From harsh video policies to collect your personal data, users are quite disappointed with the platform.

People are now looking for video websites like YouTube that offer similar content. They are in search of video websites like YouTube i.e. termed as YouTube alternatives. Moreover, there are also scenarios where people are looking for YouTube alternative free speech platforms. This is usually happening because of the censoring concerns raised by YouTube.

Moreover, we have YouTube alternatives unblocked right here for you so you can have a great time streaming your content.

Below-listed is the best 10 free websites that act as YouTube alternatives, 2020, for users:

1. Vimeo

Vimeo, YouTube alternative is one of the best video sharing websites that offer higher quality videos using 4k Ultra HD. It encourages professionals in fields like music, dance, photography, etc. to showcase their work in the form of a video. Also, it has a friendly user interface with well-defined categories for easy search.

vimeo YouTube Alternative

But unlike YouTube, it is an ad-free platform that focuses on videos without any distractions. As a result, it gives a better viewing experience. Despite being the best platform for video-makers, it has limitations too. Moreover, uploading videos in Vimeo is restricted to 500 MB per week. However, this can be upgraded to 5GB in the premium version if needed.

2. Dailymotion

This platform is a great alternative to YouTube as this is widely used for watching movies mostly. Dailymotion, YouTube alternative, serves as an excellent platform to share your content with people across the world. With a similar layout and video categories, it has around 112 million visitors every month. Sometimes, it is considered better than YouTube as it has less harsh video policy but there is a lack of supervision on pirated videos.

dailymotion video sharing as YouTUbe

If you are a pro user then you can upload high-quality videos with a resolution limit of 1080p. The videos can only be 20 minutes long. Though it is a completely ad-free platform, you may see an ad on some videos as there is an option to monetize the content via ads or a paywall.

3. Dtube

Another platform with a similar user- interface as YouTube is Dtube. But it operates differently. It uses blockchain technology to store videos whereas YouTube uses one centralized server. This results in securing personal data in a better way. You can search for trending and most watched videos on the homepage.

Moreover, you can even save videos to watch them later. Additionally, Dtube is an ad-free website that gives you an uninterrupted viewing experience. It generates crypto-currency revenue for its content creators. Moreover, people who comment on the videos also have a chance to earn money.

dtube free youtube alternative

4. PeerTube

PeerTube is a peer-to-peer (P2P) video sharing website, just like BitTorrent. Unlike YouTube, it doesn’t use one server rather it gives freedom to its users to host their own servers. These servers are called Instance. Every instance contains a user, their videos and can connect to one another. It has a simple and clean interface with no-ads. You can explore new videos on its trending and recently added the section.

Moreover, this open-sourced platform does not use harsh video policies. You are allowed to upload any type of video without getting banned or censored. No signup is required on this platform. Being new in the market, it does not have a varied collection of videos. Still, it is giving a tough competition to other video streaming sites.

peertube, alternative to YouTube

5. Veoh

Another YouTube alternative is Veoh which is a hybrid of video streaming and social media space. This streaming site lets you discover, watch, and personalize your online viewing experience. You are allowed to upload videos without any length limit.

veoh, free video streaming

Further, you can share it with your friends. You can even join groups and then chat with people just like a social media platform. Moreover, you need to interact with people and make your content engaging to make your channel grow. With a neat and clean user interface, you can search for several movies, TV series, and other long-form videos. You can even find anime on this site.


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6. TED

TED is a video streaming platform that focuses on educational videos. You may find over 3,000 lectures on topics like technology, business, science, society, humanity, personal growth, global issues, etc. Also, it is a well known non-profit organization that hosts conferences all around the world. Moreover, some of the videos are funny while some are emotional.

TED Educational Videos

Some talks leave a deep impact on your brain while some are only meant for entertainment. The majority of the videos are recorded and uploaded on this website. You can rely on this website if you are looking for fresh ideas or want to learn something new.

7. Twitch

Like TED focuses only on educational videos, Twitch contains live streaming videos. Though you may find non-gaming videos as well, their content specializes in games-related videos. Moreover, users can live-stream their games, watch Esports tournaments, and even cheer your favorite player.

TWITCH is a YouTube Alternative

Started in 2011, it has built a strong community of gamers but it lacks some features that YouTube has. Also, you earn less money for live streaming videos than YouTube and you cannot rewind videos on Twitch. Additionally, its live-streaming performance is a bit slower as compared to YouTube.

8. Metacafe

When it comes to short videos, there could be no better platform for Metacafe. It is an abode of videos that are not longer than 90 seconds. Also, it offers similar services like Snapchat and Instagram stories but videos on Metacafe do not disappear after 24 hours.

Metacafe let's you share and watch video as YouTube

Its minimal interface has categorized sections to give you a better browsing experience. You can search for videos on trending topics and subscribe to different channels like YouTube. Moreover, this platform is not used for professional videos or a complex topic. It is generally used for funny videos, quick tutorials, and quick product reviews.

9. Vevo

Just like many platforms such as TED, Twitch, Metacafe,etc., Vevo is focused on basically high-quality musical video content. When it comes to being the world’s largest premium music provider, Vevo offering a huge platform to various artists is said to provide 400,000 plus music videos. Moreover, this high-quality original video content engages users to the core.

Furthermore, it also promotes emerging artists by providing them a global reach and grows their audience. Also, the major drawback of this platform is that it does not allow you to upload your own videos.


10. The Internet Archive

Well, the last in our list of YouTube alternatives is The Internet Archive. Just like many popular video sites to date, The Internet Archive allows you to share your content with a huge audience that is using this platform on a day-to-day basis. It further allows you to stream content other than just videos such as documentaries, movies, various TV series, etc.

Also, you can sort the content by using advanced filters like year, language, topic, and subjects. Moreover, you will find certain videos that are hard to get on other platforms. However, you may not find updated content on this platform as compared to others. 

Internet archive

Final words

Though not a single website can provide you a complete package like YouTube, users can use a combination of websites that are mentioned above. Some may provide you better security measures while some focus on their genre. Moreover, there are a few more alternatives for YouTube like 9GagTV, The Open Video Project, Crackle, etc. Furthermore, every website has its pros and cons. And hence, choose the one that fits your requirements. Now, it is completely your choice to get along with anyone of them.

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