9 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid (In 2020) for a Successful Blog

Patience and practice is the key to unlocking and mastering any talent, which includes blogging too. It takes years of experience to build a platform where you can earn money by blogging. Moreover, to reach that state, creating a successful blog takes time and a lot of learning. When it comes to blogging for beginners, they will eventually make a ton of blogging mistakes without even realizing it.

However, you don’t have to put your energy to panic with the thought of blogging mistakes you will make when starting out. That’s when you begin to learn and improve. It is said that every expert was once an amateur. Although it is also evident that there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, however, why take the chance?

Read below to find out 9 blogging mistakes:

1. The Keyword Research Hassle

Your blog will struggle to get more search traffic even after you’ve made sure to post content regularly. It is because of publishing those contents without putting the relevant SEO keywords by doing proper keyword research. This method of researching specific words or keywords is basically to apply those words into the content to generate more traffic, leads, and sales to your website from search engines like Google.

Hence, ensure that you use keyword research tools such as Google Adwords Keyword tool or Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, kwfinder and more.

2. Not posting regularly

It turns out that there are so many famous bloggers and blog sites that have emerged, recently. But, the only difference that makes the popular blogs stand apart from you and your failure is ‘consistency.’ It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in; if you’re not consistent, it’s hard to succeed, especially in 2020. Instead of being hyped about the results, focus on creating a consistent blog posting schedule, and try your best to stick to it. Even if you post two or even once a week, it’ll eventually become a routine for you.

3. Focus on One Niche

Covering too many topics ruins the authenticity of your blogging agenda. It’s like too many chefs spoil the broth. If you’re not experienced in handling too many topics at the same time, don’t proceed with this deadly mistake as a beginner. When you create a blog, first establish yourself and earn credibility. Nobody pays heed to newbies; they want expert advice. So, to become an expert, cover one particular niche.

4. Quality over Quantity

When it comes to blogging for beginners, if they focus on quantity over quality, they may fail quite miserably. Your case might become the same but you could Google some famous bloggers and check their content. Well, some of them post barely over 30 and receives over a million views from search engines.

The superiority of quantity is when you’re creating an in-depth blog post or article. Creating long-form content requires time, quality work of research, writing, editing, promoting, and much more. Moreover, it does work really well in the long run if you have the best blogs to read for your readers.

5. The Monetization Plan

If you’re already aware of this foremost important factor, you know it determines the success of your blog in the long run. Well, planning the right monetization strategy, however, as a beginner, you may not be aware of the sales funnel and more. Hence, don’t wait out for your traffic to grow and plan to monetize your traffic sources.

Firstly, to build a money-making blog, you need to be already prepared with the monetization plan. You need to analyze and strategize things before you venture out to earn money blogging. Furthermore, it won’t be very easy for the first year, but you’ll learn and your website will grow gradually.

6. Free Blog

If you’re using a Blogspot domain or your domain ends with wordpress.com, it’s absolutely fine. To create a blog free is fine if you are experimenting with writing blogs, but they won’t help you earn money blogging. The fair share of the majority of the people who start blogging is to make money in their spare time. Moreover, some people want to make a living from working online. So if you’re someone who’s looking to earn money blogging, you should definitely avoid creating a free blog.

7. Choosing the right web hosting

It is imperative to select the right web hosting such as Hostgator. It can make or break your blogging career. The speed of your website depends on a great deal on the web hosting that you use. Moreover, if your website hosting isn’t smart, your website will take a higher loading time, and it’ll have an effect on your ranking on search engines like Google.

And hence, choose the right web hosting company that offers a good package deal of web hosting services. Avoid anyone who offers free hosting sites or free web hosting, which will not do any good.

8. Don’t use Google image

This is the costliest of the blogging mistakes any blogger can make using Google image finder. It’s very easy to search for images on Google and to use it. But you should be aware of the fact that using copyrighted Google images can get you into legal trouble. If you have been using images without approval from the internet on your blogs, you are pretty much-violating copyright and could be sued at any time.

Even if you’re using these images unknowingly, it’ll still get you sued if it has a copyright on them. Another way to avoid trouble is to give the image owner the credit where you use the image. You may add a no-follow or do-follow link to their site URL where the picture was, originally. It will be further helpful for the blog post that you use high-authority links and images can also be used that way.

Moreover, there are so many websites that allow you to use their images on your website for free. Here is the list of Top Places To Find Free Images For Your Website. Just go through the link and use the images for your website or blog from any of the websites listed here.

9. Don’t give up

Yes, it very difficult to create a blog and maintain it regularly, at first. But don’t give up so easily. If you have your mind straight-out to earn money blogging or to become a reliable blogger, all you need is a little push and following some blogging tips that we shared above.

Moreover, you can succeed by investing money in buying the right SEO keywords, other paid tools like Ahrefs or Semrush, choosing the right web hosting and much more. In the long run, if you just make it through the first year, the journey will be very rewarding.


At first, it’s evident you’ll make a lot of blogging mistakes, and it’s fine to do that. The key is to stay consistent, patient, and improvise along the way. Building a successful blog will take time, especially in 2020 when the web is all occupied with such competition. Moreover, with some right efforts from your end and avoiding the above blogging mistakes, you can carve your way out.

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