Enter the World of New Age Marketing with Digital Marketing Strategy

Around 20 years ago, marketing used to mean knocking the doors, calling, pamphlets and newspaper ads for the average firms. The big brands that were able to afford more would also use expensive television and other media advertisements; however, it could be afforded only by a few big giants in the market. But, in these two decades, a huge revolution was witnessed in the area of marketing. Now, we have a new genre of marketing, which is known as digital marketing.

In today’s era, an average person spends more than five hours per day online. Moreover, a large number of people stay always connected by the means of smartphones. So, the major source to get connected with individuals today is World Wide Web. More interesting fact is that this new age marketing is many times cheaper as compared to the conventional one. Everything that you need to do is to make an effective digital marketing strategy. There are a number of mediums, which are used under the digital marketing strategy. The major tools for this strategy are SEO and SMO or SMM.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a way to increase the visibility of your website over the search engines. Users search for some keywords related to the products, services or information they require on Google or other search engines. The websites that are on the first page of Google remain the first choices of the users. The SEO procedure helps the websites to get a good ranking.

The other digital marketing strategy is SMO or Social Media Optimization. Its developed form is SMM that stands for Social Media Marketing. The social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube etc. do not require an introduction in the present scenario. These websites are some of the magnificent tools for making the digital marketing plan. With the help of pages, profiles or groups on these platforms, one can promote the businesses among the masses. From free marketing to paid advertisements, many options are available on the social media platforms; also, advertising on these platforms is three times cheaper than the ads on other media platforms.

But, as mentioned before, you need to use a proper digital marketing strategy in order to increase your sales. Here are some of the tactics you can use in your digital marketing strategy.

What exactly you need to do to make your Digital Marketing Strategy

Before understanding the tactics for digital marketing strategy you first need to remind yourself what exactly you do on the internet. You search the things on Google, you get connected with your friends and other loved ones on social media, you check your email and you do the online shopping. In the case of digital marketing, you need to get connected with your audiences, make your enterprise visible in their search results. Besides, you are required to convince the people to buy the products in various ways.

There are a number of ideas regarding the digital marketing strategy. Here, we will mention a few of them, which can be used to generate traffic over your websites and to increase your sales multiple folds.

Creating a Customer Avatar

Creating a customer avatar is supposed to be a major part of the digital marketing strategy. With the help of your customer avatar, you can get connected with more and more audiences. It is necessary to understand the interests and requirements of the customers with the help of their avatars. Moreover, you can spread a lot of information about your products or services with the help of this avatar.

Various Procedures to Utilize Social Media Channels

As already mentioned, the social media websites are the major sources that help in building the digital marketing strategies. These platforms have a number of channels that you can use.  Here are some of the channels, which you can use on the social media websites.

  1. Groups: The groups on some social media platforms, such as Facebook, are the major sources to attract the audiences. You can make the groups, which interest the individuals, and can promote your products and services as per their interests. Always remember that you need to keep the audiences engaged so you also need to post the stuff that interests them. Some of the stuff may be off-topic, as you need to come in front of the audiences as a genuine person. You can also use the groups made by others for your digital marketing strategy requirements.
  2. Following: You also need the followers over social media profiles or pages. The followers can be acquired in distinct ways. If the users find your posts interesting, they share it on their profiles or pages. On the other hand, you can use your customer avatar to follow others and many others will follow you back.
  3. Hashtags: Using hashtag is a booming digital marketing strategy today. The hashtags (#) align your content, and a number of customers reach your posts over social media with the help of these hashtags.
  4. Content: Publishing great content is also a wonderful way to increase the followers. You need to post the content through your pages or the customer avatar, which is the major part of a digital marketing strategy.


Long-Term Strategies

There are both long term and short term strategies, which can be used. Both are important at their place. You need to focus on the long-term strategies for taking your enterprise at heights for the long duration. With the help of long-term strategies, you can build your own brand and can make permanent customers. The SEO campaign strategies are the prominent long term strategies that can be used. There are a few factors that you help you with your long-term strategies – (1) Make the backlinks (2) Increase the content. Besides, you have the long-term strategy in social media marketing also. By increasing your post share on social media websites, you can get your business at the top position in the coming time. There are several other ways that can be a part of your long-term planning apart from search engines and social media.  For example, you can also use some lead magnets in the form of free offers. Some of these lead magnets are free eBooks, free consultations, free quizzes, free demos, discounts and a lot more. You can also do email marketing among the masses.

Short-Term Strategies

The above-mentioned one is, of course, a future plan you need to work on. You also need a short-term digital marketing strategy for your startup business. Sometimes, it may be difficult for the short-term businesses to survive if they do not get the immediate sales. The long-term strategy is of course necessary, but the short-term planning also required. The short-term planning gives the monthly or quarterly benefits, and it helps new enterprises to stay in the race. The short-term planning is usually done through advertisements. Both social media websites and search engines provide the facility to advertise. The sponsored or advertised pages or posts on the social media websites such as Facebook attract the audiences, who can go for purchasing your products or services. On the other hand, the pay-per-click ads on Google as well as other search engines are also getting a huge popularity in the present scenario. You would have seen some advertisements on the top or in the side of the page when you search for something. These are the paid advertisements, which are not the part of the organic search results. These search results are essential parts of the digital marketing strategy. This strategy can be helpful for the page ranking as it can increase the popularity of your website, which is a major part of the SEO process. While advertising, you need to have in mind that a number of users visit a website but don’t buy the products or services. So, you need to focus on the group while adding the website.

User Current Digital Marketing Trends

The current digital market trends are also required to be followed to take your business to the great heights. Some of the digital marketing trends, which are prevalent in 2018 include:

  1. Chatbots: The chatbots are an important part of digital marketing currently. These bots are responsive to the customers and give answers promptly.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is a futuristic vision, which is flourishing in the current scenario. It analyzes the users’ behavior and pattern and helps you in fulfilling their demands as per their needs.
  3. Video: In today’s scenario, a number of customers like to get the information from videos from the video hosting websites such as YouTube. According to a market study, many of the users from other social media websites have been shifted to YouTube. It is an ongoing trend for some years, which is at the peak today.
  4. Social Messaging Apps: The social messaging apps on smartphones have also become the prominent sources of digital marketing today. WhatsApp and Instagram are the popular names of social messaging apps. Moreover, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Messaging and Twitter are also available today as the social messaging apps.

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4 thoughts on “Enter the World of New Age Marketing with Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. This is a great read! As a blogger, I’m trying hard to manage all my social media accounts. It’s not easy as how it looks like. It really needs time and a lot of creativity to produce a good quality content.

  2. These are some great marketing tips. I really need to get into the video world, but am too nervous to put myself out there. Groups have definitely helped me though in all other areas.

  3. I’m curious to know how you incorporate WhatsApp in your marketing strategy? I use that app to make phone calls with friends that are abroad but never thought about using it for business… I’m curious about how you use it for marketing. Very insightful tools.

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