Dofollow Commentluv Blogs – A Manually Verified List (Updated 2020)

When you really want to rank your blog or website in the top results, you can never forget one of the most essential factors of backlinks. You know that obtaining backlinks is quite important for gaining good ranks on search engines so that you can increase your website traffic. You know that backlinks are important and there are commentluv blogs with which you can gain right backlinks but sometimes you are not aware how this technique must be used for obtaining right backlinks for your website and blog.

Blog commenting for backlinks is a common tactic used these days by blog owners to obtain good backlinks to their blogs. You know that this is a nice technique to obtain good backlinks online but you do not actually know how to find commentluv blogs and this is easy because everything is now available on the internet. There are many dofollow backlinks list available online which can be used for backlinks.

Obtaining backlinks is not that easy as it appears to be but there are various useful and easy tactics which can be used to obtain better backlinks with commentluv blogs.

List of DofollowCommentLuv Blogs 2020

Though there are various blog commenting sites available online but not all of them allow you to comment with a link and thus obtaining backlinks from such blog commenting sites is impossible. Still, there are various blog commenting sites that allow users to post their link and obtain a do follow backlinks for their blog or website. The list is endless and one can find it online.

How to find dofollow commentluv blogs in your niche

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs, that exists online but not all of them allow commenting and even if some allows you to put your valuable feedback they may not allow you to post your blog’s link. In such cases when you need to obtain backlinks with blog commenting you need to find dofollow blogs that are enabled with the commentluv feature. Blog commenting on commentluv blogs can help you obtain backlinks and is good in terms of search engine optimization but it is essential that you post only on a relevant blog of your niche so that potential readers can be targeted.

The simplest way to find such blogs is through Google. One can simply search blogs with simple keywords like “comment here”, “post comment”, “submit comment”, “submit site” etc. this will display a list of sites which allow you to post your site’s link. There are several other tools and plugins also available which can be used for finding dofollow commentluv blogs. These can be:

Plug-ins for finding commentluv blogs in your niche:

  1. SEO for chrome plug-in – This is an easy to install plug-in which when downloaded on chrome allows users to view all possible details of the open website. This includes its page rank, Alexa rank, backlinks, traffic, search status etc. It provides a separate “show no follow” box with which one can check to highlight whether the site is “do follow” or “no follow site”.
  2. NoDoFollow Add-ons for firefox – Once this is installed on Firefox you can see whether a link of a website or a blog is Do follow or No follow. This will show such links with color codes.

Tools for finding commentluv blogs in your niche:

  1. – This is a free online tool that allows finding dofollow commentluv blogs on search pages which can get tough with a manual search. This makes it easy and instant.
  2. – This is another tool to find out dofollow blog commenting sites list by simply putting relevant keywords in the search box. This will display a list of all those relevant niche blogs that are commentluv enabled.

How to create backlinks Using CommentLuv blogs

Gaining backlinks for your own blog and websites can get tough at times but because backlinks are the key elements for perfect search engine ranking you cannot simply ignore it. If you are a blog owner you can use the easiest and most convenient technique of blog commenting for backlinks on commentluv blogs. This is easy and can help you obtain backlinks just in return to your valuable feedback.

This is simple and for this, you just need to know that how to find commentluv blogs list for those blogs that allow the feature of blog commenting for backlinks. You can either search it directly through Google and may install those above-mentioned plug-ins to find the one. You must remember that only those backlinks are valuable which are genuine thus try commenting with links only on those commentluv blogs which are from your own niche.

What are DofollowCommentluv Blogs?

With this, you now know well that there are many blogs which let you post links to your latest blog posts and these can be commonly referred as dofollow blogs or commentluv blogs. These are blogs which have commentluv plug-in installed. With this, they accept feedbacks for their latest post and in return they reward readers to post their own link so that they can obtain a do follow backlinks for their blog post. When you really need to get a dofollow link for your latest post you can comment with a link in such blogs. In simple words, dofollow commentluv blogs are blogs which provide an option of sharing a do follow backlink with your feedback in the comment box. Finding such blogs is not that tough because there are dofollow blog commenting sites list available online.

What is CommentLuv Plugin?

When backlinks are required, Commentluv plug-in can be helpful. It is a Word press plug-in which is good with the search engine optimization aspect in many ways. This is a plug-in which when installed on your word press blog allows users to comment their link with their feedback in the comment section that exists beneath your blog posts.

Only a few blogs are commentluv blogs and these are blogs which allows commenter to place the link of their latest post. This is fruitful technique both for you and your users because with this you can get feedback from users and in return, you can reward them by letting them post their link so that they can get backlinks to their blog posts. This is the reason why commentluv plug-in are used widely and blogs are enabled with commentluv features.

Why should you use commentluv for your blog?

There are various blog commenting sites that are now commentluv enabled and this is because they are fruitful both for blog owners and for commenters. They allow blog owners to accept feedbacks with a simple reward of providing commenters with backlinks and do follow links. It helps establish a good online relationship with your readers and also helps you to engage them in your blog posts.

This is equally suitable with the aspect of search engine optimization because when you will reward your commenters with backlinks, more and more users will come to provide you feedback which can increase the popularity of your blog posts and it will slowly start to rank well in search engines. This is just like an incentive technique with which you can compel your viewers to comment with their feedback on your blog posts. This is the reason why commentluv enabled blogs are useful for both the blog owner and the commenter.

Tips to get comments approved on Commentluv blog

Not all blogs owners allow posting comments with a link on their blog posts and this is the reason that you cannot guarantee backlinks which each feedback you provide to any blog. Even though most of the commentluv blogs allow posting links with the feedback but still the permission or approval of such posts lies in the hand of the blog owner. He will only approve your link to be displayed under his blog post if he will find it suitable and relevant to the blog.

When you really wish your link to be approved by the blog owner you need to be very careful with the feedback you write. The feedback must include appreciation and the right review for the blog post. It must not be one-liner because this seems to look inappropriate. While you are promoting your link in your feedback to obtain backlinks with commentluv blogs you must look genuine this is the only way with which you can compel blog owner to approve your feedback and your link. You must only post links in the blog post of your relevant niche because this can guarantee a better probability of gaining backlinks to your blog.


When commentluv blogs or do follow comment blogs exist they can be effectively used to obtain backlinks for your latest blog posts. One can simply find blog commenting sites that allow users to obtain valuable do follow the link as a reward for their feedback. Enabling commentluv feature is equally beneficial for blog owners because it helps them gain popularity online by accepting more and more feedbacks of valuable commenters. This can also help in obtaining good search engine ranking.

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