How does an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy look like in 2020?

It has been years since Facebook made its way into our lives, but the fad and enthusiasm for it is still the same. Even today, with the presence of other social media platforms to Facebook still remains at the top spot. Especially, among the adults who are using it day and night. With that being said, it makes no sense that businesses should shy away from having a dedicated Facebook marketing strategy.

The need for Facebook marketing is as important as any other form of online marketing. Well, this is because it lets the businesses connect to their audience in a very personal and intimate way. However, like any marketing plan, there is a dire need for detailed and thorough planning for its successful implementation and execution.

For that, a business needs to understand the ins and outs of FB marketing and how they should devise their carefully planned Facebook marketing strategy in a way to achieve the desired results.

Facebook Marketing Strategy for your business:

So let us dive into the details and help you devise a smart, creative and an effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Set Measurable and Realistic Targets

There is no way you can create and design a good strategy without first deciding what you want out of it. Your social media marketing should lead you to some destination and that you have to decide before you embark on this journey.

And hence, set your goal straight and make sure your goal is measurable, realistic and achievable. It should be something that you can achieve in a time-bound manner and that’s when you know it is doable and effective. So, your goals in measurable and doable terms, for instance, let’s consider the following:

  1. More than 500 likes on posts
  2. 10 leads through every post
  3. 50% increase in the number of page followers

And hence, it is very important that you set some goals for your Facebook marketing strategy. This will ensure that at the end of the day you can measure how effective it was by checking the results. This lets you keep a check on your strategy and know if you are doing it right.

Know Your Audience

You can never develop a good Facebook marketing strategy before you know who you are devising it for. It is very important to understand and study your audience so that you can cater to their needs in the best way. For that, a lot goes into that study. You will need to understand the needs of the target audience, their likes and dislikes, the time they are mostly active on Facebook, the kind of posts they like and share and so on.

All this information will help you plan your whole social media marketing according to that. All your posts and content on FB will be based on this information and that’s how your business will achieve its goals.

Let The Content Do The Work

Now that you have decided your goals and studied your audience well, you can now create your content accordingly. You can opt for creating pictures, videos or even articles or whatever you think will work for your business. Just make sure you are consistent with your content and posting. Moreover, posting time plays a crucial role as well.

Further, set the tone for your content to be it humorous, informative, educational or promotional and just stick with it. Make content that is likable, shareable and finds a way in the heart of the audience. Moreover, if you create content like this, you will find a direct way to connect and engage with your audience.

Furthermore, this will eventually lead to more sales and revenue. So, make the content your biggest strength and allow this Facebook marketing strategy to work its magic.

Engagement is The Key

Your Facebook media marketing strategy is ready to go live. Just make sure you are consistent with your postings and you actively engage with your customers. The key here is to create a channel for successful and meaningful two-way communication. So, make sure you constantly engage with your customers and never make them feel ignored. For that, there are some key points to remember:

  1. Always reply to the comments
  2. Add call-to-action in all of your posts
  3. Give a personal touch to your feelings by being available and accessible to your customers 24/7.
  4. Reply to messages
  5. Make them feel appreciated through messages

Be Smart and Consistent With Your Posting

Well, for this, you need to study your target audience’s behavior to know what time fo the day they are most active. Further, this will give you an insight into what is the best time for posting.

Once you know that, you can also use some scheduling tools that help you schedule all your posts for the week or the month ahead in time. These tools help you choose the best posting time based on the highest audience engagement expected. Use these tools to make your Facebook marketing even more effective.

Measure The Efficiency of Your Strategy

It’s time for results! You have been implementing your Social Media Marketing strategy in the right way and it’s about you measure the efficiency of it.  For that, make use of the specific tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights that let you track how effective your Facebook campaign is.

These results will be measured by comparing it with the goals that you set earlier. This could be tracked in terms of an increase in the number of likes, post shares, leads, comments, customer reviews and the number of followers. If you are getting the right results to go with the current strategy and if not it is time for some modifications.

Considering the above-discussed steps followed in the right way, you will have the best strategy designed and implemented, the best Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business. Moreover, this is the best way for a small business to connect with its audience. Further, they can have a meaningful engagement with productive results.

Moreover, there are so many other social platforms that you can use to promote your business that you can find here Top 20 Most Popular Social Networking Sites.

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22 thoughts on “How does an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy look like in 2020?

  1. Thank you for sharing this Singh, with this six steps in hand, I believe that anyone can begin plotting Facebook marketing strategy today. Great content!

  2. You have really given me some things to think about for my Facebook marketing strategy. I have to give some more thought to setting targets.

  3. Hi Simerbir Singh
    Thank you so much for this informative post.

    I completely agree with you it’s impossible to succeed with your facebook marketing strategy if you don’t know your audience. This is the mistake I see a lot of new bloggers make.

    Thank you so much for sharing

  4. I’m actually trying to learn as much as I can about Facebook marketing – it’s a new thing for me. I found this post really helpful, thank you!

  5. Facebook is such a helpful tool for all kinds of things. I use it for my clinic, my blog, and for my mission group. Facebook Pages gives a perfect venue that’s almost accessible to all–of course I know not everyone is on.
    my efforts.
    Thank you for your valuable tips. I will definitely use these to better

  6. When I first started using Facebook, I wasn’t sure what to post. This is a wonderful guide to be mindful of who your target audience is on Facebook. Well done!

  7. I think it’s harder and harder to create a good marketing strategy on Facebook, as a small brand, when you are just starting. Content alone is not enough, you need to boost posts to get to the right audience.

  8. The majority of my traffic is actually driven from facebook and I think I apply most of the tips you advised! I need to set though more realistic goals ! Thanks for sharing , very useful !

  9. This post is helpful in focusing social media marketing on Facebook. I am new to blogging and have no idea which platforms are best for sharing.

  10. Hey Singh,
    Thank you for this.
    Well, a quick question though.
    after that Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal is it still possible to target the right audience and do it cheap as it was before everything?
    I have been doing a lot of Instagram Marketing and it seems it also got even harder to reach the right audience.
    I was thinking that recent data breaches have something to do with all these.

    Thank You again

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