Google Adsense VS Affiliate Marketing: Which makes you More Money?

When you are trying to make money online using your website, you often wonder which one is the best: Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing. Although it’s a tricky question to answer as both of them, have their significant importance. Moreover, both of them have an impact on your businesses to a great extent. When it comes to making real money using your blog or website, you will come across various misconceptions.

Moreover, these misconceptions in the market might drive you against using these two mediums to earn money. With Google allowing you to use your affiliate marketing websites links on high-quality blogs, it has become more comfortable for you to make money just by sitting at your home. People have been making huge chunks of money using Amazon affiliate marketing, Flipkart affiliate marketing, and many others.

Crucial Aspects of Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

Here are certain things and differences that you must know about affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. This is because these aspects will guide you better before using any of these two to make some real money. Let’s start:

  • It’s quite easier for you to get into the world of affiliate marketing networks when compared to the process followed to get your Adsense account approved.
  • The pay is more when it comes to Affiliate marketing. This is because of many factors such as its directly related to a product commission when a 3rd-party sale is made. A few popular affiliate programs include Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart affiliate program and more.
  • Adsense doesn’t support easy payment methods that you can use to cash out your hard-earned money. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing, most of the companies offering such services provide PayPal and Payoneer payment methods for you to cash out whenever you want.
  • Finding affiliate products are an easy task as almost all the niches can be affiliated; however, Google Adsense doesn’t allow on specific niches.
  • Affiliate is managed by many large and small-scale industries; however, Google Adsense is being led by Google itself.
  • Affiliate ads are more compelling and tend to generate more profits when compared to Google Adsense.

Additional Aspects you must know about

Affiliate marketing doesn’t work on all the pages. And hence, earning money from all the blogs wouldn’t be something possible from your end. However, Adsense works on almost all the pages, ensuring that you make money from all the pages where you are using Adsense.

Adsense is known to be the backbone for all bloggers to earn money online. The reason behind this that Adsense ensures that the cash flow doesn’t stop, even though the money generated is comparatively less when compared to affiliate marketing.

If you are selling a product using Affiliate Marketing tactics, you can earn up 100 USD based on the products that you are selling in the market. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money in the form of commission on every product that is being sold using your referral links that you have posted online.

However, Adsense ensures to advertise your product on the required platforms where it can generate income by displaying the ads on your website. It solely depends on the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) method and the keywords that you have used.

Benefits of using Affiliate Marketing

There are many benefits to using Affiliate Marketing techniques to generate income online. Here are some of the significant benefits of using Affiliating Marketing tactics:

You can earn money at any given time: Affiliate Marketing ensures that you make money at any given time. There’s no specific time that the cash flow stops. It’s the best way to make money passively by choosing the right products that are going to dominate the market.

Building trust at a faster rate: When it comes to doing business online, you must have to ensure to build trust amongst your target audience first. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to build trust and make money.

You need not have to depend on driving massive traffic: The best benefit of using affiliate marketing tactics is that you don’t need to rely on the website’s traffic to promote your products and services. When you are choosing the right products, even a thousand visitors can help you to generate income.

Moreover, the most crucial factor, before you opt for a product, is to check out the trends using Google trends. Also, you can check the statistics of your blog to see what kind of products are most checked out. You can do the same using Google keyword planner. You can put a relevant keyword in the Google keyword planner tool and see products getting searched the most.

And hence, you can blog about products that people are already looking for. However, Google Adsense works almost the same on every other website.

Benefits of using Google Adsense

Here are some of the best benefits of Google Adsense:

The fastest way to generate income online: Making money using Google Adsense is much easier and quicker for all the bloggers. You need to know the right tricks to make money online.

No need for technical expertise: When it comes to making money online using Adsense, you need not have to be a master in the technical field. You can go for Google Adsense login and just begin to advertise whatever you are doing in the right approach.

No products required: You don’t have to come up with perfect products to advertise when it comes to Google Adsense. Once your Google Adsense account is approved, you can post relevant ads to make money. And hence, using Adsense is that simple and quick.


Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are the best ways to make money online without even stepping out of the house. Now that you have gathered the necessary information, benefits, and importance of both the marketing tactics, implement the best one to make money. Moreover, make sure to try both and figure out which one suits your website content the best.

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