Which is best- Google Adwords or Facebook Advert?

Google and Facebook are considered to be the top rivals for each other in the online world. These two social media platforms are competing directly. In the field of digital businesses, investors find themselves in a huge dilemma for which one to select for their business requirements. In the field of online advertising, especially the newcomers face a big challenge due to enormous confusion and misleading information regarding these two magnanimous companies.

There are various businesses that are making the most out of the strengths of the Google advertising and Facebook Ads so that they can achieve greater visibility, enhance their sales and profits and look out for more customers. Different levels of businesses find novel strategies to get in alignment with each of these platforms and expect a wonderful return for their investment in advertising.

Let us look at the major differences between Google AdWords and Facebook Advert which are discussed below:

Google Adwords

1. Google AdWords is based on Paid Search

Paid Search works by targeting the keywords and make use of advertisements especially those that contain text. Keywords are those specific words that the Google users enter while searching for any queries on the Google search. AdWords also propose keywords with an expectation that there will be a display of advertisement alongside the results of the search for queries. The advertising is more based on Pay Per Click (PPC) as the advertiser has to give some amount of money every time the user clicks on a particular advertisement.

2.    Google offers two types of networks

Google advertising helps in working through fundamental networks – Search Network which incorporates whole Google as a search engine, the advertisers can put a bid of the abundance of keywords and other phrases for targeting the desirable customers.

In contrast, Google Display Network allows advertisers to utilize visual advertisements like banners which further helps in spreading awareness regarding their brands.

3. Google caters a large number of audience

The wonderful reach to the audience is one of the biggest strengths of using Google as a social platform. Therefore, aspiring advertisers can reach to potential customers by simply following the right strategy for digital marketing. It is also known for its accuracy regarding search results which further adds an advantage to AdWords popularity.

Facebook advert

1. Facebook Adverts is based on Paid Social system

Paid social refers to the system of advertising using social networking. There are many online businesses that prefer to work with Facebook systems as they find Facebook highly competitive. Facebook is known to contain the greatest number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) in comparison to any other social media platform in the entire world.

Rather than finding more customers through keywords, this paid social allows users to follow their interests for finding new contacts and is more based on the activities on their sites.

Therefore, one major difference in the functioning of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is that the AdWords allows you to look for new customers. On the other hand, Facebook allows users to look for you.

2. Incomparable audience granularity

Facebook is well known for its unparalleled global audience. It caters more than 1.5 billion active users other than inactive or less used facebook accounts. However, the peculiar feature of this website’s huge audience remains in its granularity which allows the advertisers to look for the potential targets as customers.

Hence, this can be of great help to the advertisers as with the help of content that Facebook users post on their profiles, sharing everything on Facebook starting from their birthdays to major achievements in life. Thus, messages for advertising could be designed in such a way so as to target specific audiences for fulfilling one’s purpose.

A lookalike audience is another amazing feature of Facebook that helps in advertisers to upload the information of customer on Facebook using their databases and then filter the data depending upon the information given by third-party data brokers that match the advertisers’ uploaded information.

3. An amazing visual platform

Facebook advertisements have visual powers. The ads contain a lot of images, videos and other visual content which allows advertisers to take the best possible advantage of these visually appealing advertisements. It can be done in many ways for instance, in conveying a wonderful message regarding the brand or the product.

4. A fantastic Return on Investment

It has proven to be quite lucrative regarding use of, especially for newcomers. The advertising campaign on Facebook can have a varied budget depending upon a large number of factors such as scope, objectives of the campaign, messaging, etc.

So, now let us look at which one out of these two- Google AdWords or Facebook Ads is better?

Undoubtedly, both Google AdWords and Facebook Advert are astonishing advertising platforms for any business of different sizes in the online business world. Rather than competitively selecting any one platform out of these two, we can say that both these platforms are complementary to each other. It can be seen that both the Google Display Network and Facebook share a number of similarities rather than differences. So, rather than using each other oppositely, one must understand that these two platforms have established independently of each other.

The best possible and the most effective advertising strategy is the one that makes use of both the paid social as well as paid search. However, it must be taken care that this dual advertising strategy must encompass the strengths of both platforms. It is important to know the ways in which one can generate maximum ROI and expand their business.


Therefore, you may refer to all the strengths mentioned above regarding each social media platform and then decide for your own business depending upon the requirements and needs of your business as well the budget. We would always recommend going for dual advertising strategy by selecting the positives from both Google AdWords and Facebook Advert, however, the ultimate decision should and will always be yours!

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23 thoughts on “Which is best- Google Adwords or Facebook Advert?

  1. For me I think they are about even when it comes to the amount of ads I see, and I always find it creepy how they manage to show you ads for things you’ve look up on a completely different site or even just things you’ve spoken about but didn’t look up.

  2. Great article. I was thinking of the same issue of what’s better between the two. I’m just happy that I use both. 🙂

  3. There’re so many platforms, it’s hard to decide which one is better suited for my needs. Thanks for sharing this info!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I normally use Facebook adverts because they are user friendly and despite the fact that Google is more effective in finding customers and business promotion, the process is not easy at all.

  5. Very helpful. There are so many methods to reach audiences. The combination of the two totally makes sense to reach a larger more powerful audience.

  6. Wow sounds interesting about Facebook and Google AdWords advertisement actually I have Google AdWords accounts but I don’t know how to use thanks for the information 🙂

  7. Thanks for this comparison, I haven’t tried using these two. But now they are both something word considering.

  8. My bet is on Google ads. I have used Facebook ads several times. And maybe this happens just in my country, but you have to spend more– a lot to get any reasonable lead or ROI beyond the likes (most of which are bots) they give your post. Thinking of spending that amount of money (and our Naira to Dollar exchange rate is SO high) and getting very little or nothing is a waste of time and money. Google ads and other forms of ads placement that doesn’t involve Facebook gives me better results.

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