Secrets To The High Converting Landing Pages

A perfectly crafted landing page has earned its hall of fame in the eCommerce growth. Crafting high converting landing pages design is not rocket science but is a great tool to be considered for digital marketing. It only requires a few points to keep in mind and you are able to create a landing page that drives a huge amount of traffic.

A statistically designed and well-executed landing page will bring a huge difference in your digital marketing strategy. Any design, whether it’s simple or effectively creative — the concept of the layout must invoke interest to the customers to explore more. The layout of a landing page plays a significant role in the conversion process of turning your traffic into an earning source.

Landing page examples — you could simply put a landing page on a single webpage, specifically designed to target a group of audiences and to generate traffic. Avoid serving as a basic advertisement that shows a customer a product, the purpose of a landing page aims to engage the audience by offering them that relates to the product. Only when the layout is convincing and piques interested in fresh content, the customers can trust your brand.

To determine your webpage conversion rate, an ideal way of understanding the rate, is by finding out the traffic generated by the number of people who visited that page. However, it doesn’t matter what product you’re selling, the conversion action that you hope to instigate i.e. taking key references from other great landing pages would be good. This will help you to gather some design ideas or understand conversion rate optimization strategies.

How to Create High Converting Landing Pages

Here are the tips that can help you to create high converting landing pages:

Clarify the Purpose

Don’t waste too much time on every component of the page; the purpose of a landing page should be precise. Pay more attention to your call to action. Your landing page is a canvas to demonstrate your objective goal for the customer to perform. It’s very clear, what exactly do you want your visitors to do once they land on to this page?

In the case, if you don’t figure out the purpose, that won’t be good for overall conversions and traffic growth. Moreover, you need to identify the purpose of the click when considering digital marketing strategy in the form of optimized web pages. What is that do you want them to do? Is it about downloading a file? Or is it about checking out your products? Or is it maybe to book an appointment?

Well, figure it out and be clear about the call to action i.e. CTA purpose of your landing page. And don’t leave room for any type of confusion while you opt for your website’s landing page design.

Test Multiple Landing Pages

Relentless A/B testing will result in a successful landing page. And hence, ensure that you formulate a hypothesis. To do that, you can go ahead and experiment with the page, for example, changing your call to action (CTA) to red, which will further help in increasing conversions. And, the experiment you would conduct will be a new landing page with a red CTA i.e. call to action.

Moreover, always test a single variable at a time for better results before making a selection. Also, this way it’ll help you validate or reject your formulated hypothesis before moving onto the next variable.

Conceptualize how your Visitors interact with the Landing Page

In the case, if you don’t get a grasp on how traffic works on your website’s landing page, you’re moving in the wrong direction. There are ways to find out how traffic pattern works — the most popular way is to utilize Google Analytics. Yes, you read it right! This is a very commonly used tool when it comes to tracking your website’s traffic.

And hence, make sure to visit Google Analytics and click on the behavior columns section. Once you are done with that, click on the site content and then go ahead and move to the landing pages section. There you will come across a list that shows the most popular content on your site.

And that’s about it! This method of using Google Analytics will help you conceptualize what your visitors mostly interact with on your landing page. Furthermore, you will then be able to formulate a better traffic pattern for the targeted audience to increase traffic on your landing page.

Targeted Audience and Traffic Generation

The traffic won’t do your website any good if you don’t put the right efforts ensuring that your landing page is serving a purpose to your audience. Make sure that your audience is landing on the right pages that serve them their purpose. To ensure the right traffic of your web page, as a part of your marketing strategy, you need to clarify the purpose of your landing page.

Also, it could be anything from selling a product or collecting emails to establish a long term relationship. When it comes to your website’s landing page, it must have that clarity in order to generate more traffic from the targeted audience. If your website’s landing page lacks clarity, it will blur out its objective and copywriting that may also create a mismatch between the SEO keywords of your landing page.

Final Words

Tech-savvy merchants even go the extra mile when it comes to internet marketing. They look forward to establishing different landing pages for different phases for their buyer’s journey. Make sure to A/B test of your landing page and grab a good hold on the traffic patterns by using Google analytics. Once you will start keeping all these above-discussed points in the account, you will good to go.

To create high converting landing pages, apart from the above, you can consider using short and attention driving web page headline (H1) and sub-headlines (H2). You can also opt for catchy pictures; pop-ups that guide the visitor, live chat feature, video demonstration, and more. In the end, make sure to be different and drive the attention of a visitor with something that is unexpected. Maybe you can opt for some an ebook or discount coupon for their first purchase.

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