How to determine, which Social platform is best for your business

Almost everyone is well aware that social media platform contributes majorly in business success in today’s online world. When you are launching your business, it is best to create social media handles as well, this will help the customers to reach out easily.

 Social media helps the business to achieve more traffic which can be eventually converted into sales. It also provides quick access to inbound links and many social media strategies are really helpful to increase the overall visibility and brand value of any business.

A business can definitely see huge success via social media sites, but the difficult task is to select the right social media platform. In order to make the marketing campaign viral and generate leads, it is must to determine the correct social platform for your business.

For some business, twitter can drive huge traffic and sales, whether some business opts for a Pinterest account to make their content viral. It is always best to evaluate the social media strategy and channel in order to achieve success in online business.

How to determine, which Social platform is best for your business

It is not necessary for a business to be in every channel, the customer can select the social media platforms which works for them and can help them to reach out their target audiences effectively. The primary focus should be to build a reputation and improve brand awareness so that it gives a nice boost to the business and increases trust building.

Here are some top factors which help you to determine the right social media channels which will work best for your business

1. Identify the Target Customer

The initial step is to do brainstorming and identify the customers. Focus on their target social media networks, the one which they use popularly. If your audiences are teenagers and youngsters, they usually spend more time on Facebook and Instagram. There is no point in reach out other platforms like LinkedIn to approach your target customer.

Make sure to define the target audience in detail, this will help you to identify where they spend their quality time online. Look for the existing customer’s personal choices and focus on their interest. The more detailed research can fetch you right data which can be used to build strategies for social media.


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Focus on the below-mentioned pointers

1. What is the preferred social media network used by the target audience?

2. Age group and gender of the target audience

3. What do they prefer to read, post and follow on their networks?

4. what type of content they engage in and what they usually skip out?

5. The primary language used by them to interact and engage?

These above-mentioned questions can help you to determine the target audience and you can effectively find real-life organic customers profiles that might show interest in your business. You can also conduct a survey to determine which channels your audience want you to be active

2. Consider Your Business Industry and Brand

The next step is to take an account of your brand or the industry you are in, look for your competitors in which channel they have established their brand. Not all social media platforms will work for all brand and industry. It depends majorly based on the type of content and audiences preference.

 If you are running an e-commerce business, the best social media platform is Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, as these platforms help you to create visually appealing content and you can showcase the products and services to the right audience. These prominent platform helps the audience to reach out to your business easily and can also boost up your business engagement. 

The social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest allow you to share the e-commerce website link from where the audience can get redirected to your business website. This way the lead can be easily converted into sales.

Focus on the below-mentioned pointers

1. Based on the product and service offered by your business, look for the channel which allows visually appealing content in the form of text, video or meme.

2. Is the business B2B or B2C?

3. Can the brand develop enough visually appealing content on a regular basis?

4. Is there any other social media platform where I can pitch the advice and boost the sales?

3. Identify Current Traffic Sources

If your online business is established a bit, you can analyse their existing traffic sources, look for the channels which bring out most traffic and sales. These are the channels which should be responded well as it helps to boost the sales of products and services.

The Google Analytics Social & Network Referrals Search report can be generated to get a quick overview of the primary channels which boosts the traffic on the business website.

If you were planning to focus on the LinkedIn profile to start with, but the Facebook profile has generated more traffic and conversations, then it is high time to give preference to the Facebook profile which can add more value to the business and help to build the brand.

Focus on the below-mentioned pointers

1. Identify the social media channel which drives huge traffic to the online website?

2. Social media platforms conversations?

3. Traffic analysis of each social media platform like the number of Facebook visitors, Instagram visitors who are tapping on the business website.

4. Analysis Competitors Social Media Platform

Competitors analysis is always beneficial for the business, the easy suggestion is to look at your competition. Identify the channels where they are getting traffic from. You can also evaluate their performances on various social media channels.

If some social media platforms of your competitors are not performing well, it is best to avoid them rather investing time and resources in it. Get some valuable insight and invest only in those channels which can boost the business effectively.

Focus on the below-mentioned pointers

1. what are the platforms used by competitors?

2. Which social media channel received the highest number of engagements and interaction from organic customers?

3. What type of content generates major engagements?

4. Duration of their posting i.e. how often they are sharing the content on their social platforms

5. Who are their target customers and followers? Their age group and gender.

5. Which Type of Content Works Vest For Your Audience

Once you have all the data handy, the next step is to find the type of content which your audience prefer to engage on social platforms. It is must to be well aware of the right resources in order to make high quality and creative content.

Building a professional and regular content is not an easy task, it needs a resource, time and money.  After analysing their competitor social channel you can have a clear picture regarding the type of content audiences prefer to engage. You can use a similar strategy and post relevant content preference to grab the audience’s attention.

Always look for the various tools and resource to build the content which attracts your audience. If you have an existing audience, you can always conduct a survey and get their suggestions asking for what kind of content they would prefer on the social platforms.

Focus on the below-mentioned pointers

1. What are the various channels where I can great engaging content with my budget and resources?

2. How consistently and frequently I can post the content and engage with my audience on the social platform?

3. Find out the right social media scheduling tools to save time and efforts??

4. Get access to the right resources and expertise to create amazing content for an audience which can be posted on one or many channels

6. Create Social Media Goals

The next step is to identify and determine what extract you want to achieve from social media platforms?? Do you expect only brand awareness or sales, then focus on the marketing campaigns which help you to achieve your social media goals on one or more platform? Here are some common factors which can help you to create and determine social media goals for your business.

1.Brand building and boosting brand awareness

2. Offer customized services to online followers

3. Generate traffic to a business website.

4. Focus on revenue by boosting lead generation and sales.

5.  Create a community and update audiences about the latest launch and exciting products

7. Select the Social Media Channel

This is the finals step, based on the collected data and analysis begin with the evaluation. Find the right social media channel or channels which help you to reach out to the target audience and boost the engagement. The primary focus should be to pick a channel which can help to achieve your goals. Not all social media can work out for business and deliver positive results.

Social Media Platforms to Boost the Business

Below is the list of channels which can improve the performance of business. The analyses for each channel are done based on the type of content, statistics, merits and demerits for the business. Select the one which suits your business and brand


Type of Content

1. It works best for the business which has a good number of images and videos for their business. The Instagram story can be customized and used to share interactive content. Where you can also go live and conduct a Q and A session with your audience. The primary role of IGTV is to create high-quality video and tutorials.


1. Billions of user login to Instagram almost every day. The platform witness higher engagement from female audience and its popularity among youngsters and teens. The engagement rate on Instagram is also considerably high.


1. Popularity

2. Bet for business with visual contents

3. Works great for video content

4. Can efficiently reach target audience via hashtags and direct messages.


1. The algorithm of Instagram keeps changing

2. Developing visually appealing content is an experience.


Content Type

1. Works best for both video and picture content.


1. More than 1 billions of active users have both high ratio of a male and female audience. Highly popular in India, Indonesia, and other developing countries.


1. Huge global popularity

2. Best social media channel for small business and start-ups


1. Reduced Organic Reach

2. Heavy competition


Content Type

1. Works well for visual content, mostly the audience is female.


1. 200 million users mostly female

2. More US traffic

3. Great to share ideas and unique concepts


1. Easy to use and connect with strangers

2. The pin is hyperlinked, the best way to drive traffic to the website.

3. Good conversion rate


1. Only best for niche users

2. Need to focus on visually appealing content


Content Type

1. Best for sharing a link like news, blog post, and short updates

2. Supports images and GIFs.


1. More than 100 million users are active on Twitter.

2. 80% mobile users based in the US.

3. The average ratio of adult users is high.


1. Best to share quick updates, blog link, quotes and updates

2. Quick Social customer services


1. Not best for picture and video content

2. Growth takes time

3. Communication is difficult


Content Type

1. Best for business, start-ups, professional and for the job posting.


1. The average users of LinkedIn are adults between the age group of 25-35 years.

 2. A huge number of female and male professional audiences.


1. Works best for professional in finance and medical sector.

2. Can reach premium professionals too

3. Platform to establish direct communication.


1.    Not ideal if you have teenagers and youngsters as your customers who you want to target via images and videos.


Content Type

1. Best platform to share high-quality video content.


1. Almost 2 billion of active users.

2. Witness excellent traffic via mobile sources.

3. Can target global population.


1. Best video search engine.

2. Contact can be shared on other social platforms.

3. Video can easily go viral if the content is great.


1. The demand for low-quality content is less.

2. Difficult to reach the target audience

Apart from these, there are other prominent social media platforms like Snapchat, Reddit, Medium, Tumblr etc which can be used to boost the sales of the business.

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  1. Social Media is a great platform to increase your business and brand awareness.I personally use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest for my blog promotion.Also you must know about your targeted audience. Very informative post. Keep going.

  2. I am a big fan of Pinterest and that is only a traffic source for me and my blog. Facebook’s dwindling organic reach means it may be less of a priority.

  3. You are so right, you need to be active on the platform on which your customers are active as well. There is no point of being on every single platform if your customers are not there.

  4. Solid advice. Although I think that for long term, most businesses would benefit from 3 big ones no matter what their industry or audience is. Facebook, Linkedin and a visual one like IG, Pinterest or Youtube, then niche ones and hyper-targeted ones.

  5. This is incredibly helpful, not just as a blogger, but I’ve also been looking into starting my own business as well. So thank you for this. I’ll be bookmarking this.

  6. It is important to have a plan of attack when you are business owner. And there are few better battle plans when it comes to social media, than the one presented here in this article. Thank you.

  7. Great information. I have to ask myself about these questions because I have a lot of social media pages for my blog, but I am sometimes wondering if that is too much. I will be reviewing them this month with this checklist!

  8. Social Media is perfect for marketing business. Especially Facebook as a blogger I use facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to promote my blog thanks for this nice article!

  9. This was a great post and well written. I often wonder if I am using the right platforms. I go back and forth whether or not I should expand to Instagram. I will be re-reading this again. Thank you!

  10. Thanks for such detailed info about the best use of each platform. I’ve been trying to do them all and killing myself. Now I can finally focus my efforts.

  11. I agree with you and no doubt Social Media is a great platform to increase business and followers, thank you for sharing, Cheers..!!

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