How to Get Approved Faster by Google AdSense?

You must be aware of the fact that Google AdSense is one of the best- money making advertisement programs for those who have their own blogs. Creating an AdSense account is tricky territory as getting approval for the same is a daunting task as new bloggers don’t know How to Get Approved Faster by Google AdSense?

Therefore, if you have a website or a blog, regardless of the fact that it is small or big, has got a great audience and million views, then AdSense will provide you with the amount for serving contextual advertisements on your website or blog. And you should know that the revenue generation is determined by the following three factors:

  • Optimization of revenue
  • The niche of the website
  • Audience traffic on the website

Let us look at the important tips that you can always follow so as to get approved faster by Google AdSense:

1. Forget about Shortcuts

Originality is the key to reach success, not only in real life but also in the digital business. You should always try to produce unique and original content for your website. Do not copy other’s content. Pirated content doesn’t only refer to the information that is cut and pasted rather sometimes, piracy can take place when one reads content on other blogs and websites and then writes content for one’s own blog.

Rather than copying others’ writing style, one should make an effort to produce content in their own language. Be particular about the grammatical errors, be comprehensive and engage your customers by making your content more beautiful and more entertaining. At least 40-50 good quality posts should be there on your website or blog for the readers and visitors.

2. Create a few lengthy articles

Whenever you decide to apply for creating an account on Google AdSense, you must put extra efforts at least a week before you decide to go for it. You should write long, creative and engaging articles within recent dates. Google does not check every post on your blog or website; hence, some great posts with exclusive content quality would work.

Make sure that you write an article with a minimum of 1200 word length. It could be informative type and contain links for every term that the users should be aware of. You may write the topic of the article starting with “How-to”, “Top 5 Steps to”….etc. It will also help you in achieving a higher rank on Google Search Engine. Some of the things that you can keep in mind while writing an article are:

  • Provide useful information to users and visitors.
  • Even if the posts are not lengthier, then the minimum word count should be 500 words.
  • The article should be in synchrony with the heading of your content and keywords should be inserted properly.
  • Do not select those images, articles or content that is against the policies and guidelines of Google AdSense.

Refer this post to learn how to write SEO friendly content.

3. Align with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 You should have a bountiful of knowledge regarding SEO and ranking rules as Google always like it and fond of those blogs and websites with good optimizations regarding Google. It creates an impression that you are a professional and not a beginner who is struggling hard to run your blog or website.

4. Purchase your own domain name

Google always prefer .com extension of domains. Google AdSense is very particular regarding domain in a way that it doesn’t even accept the application of those websites whose domain is made at

You should buy a top level domain name that reflects something about your business and for this; you may purchase the domain at convenient rates from different sites such as GoDaddy.

5. Language selection is important

It is essential to choose the languages that are supported by Google AdSense. It is because if you do not follow this particular rule, then surely, you cannot get any approval from AdSense. There are various AdSense supported languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Hindi, Italian, Polish, and many more. In case you have a website that has non-English content, then you must support your website by adding a Google Translator on your blog or site.

6. Outlook or design of your blog or website is crucial

Add on to your site by providing it with a professional outlook; support your website with wonderful professional themes. Also, supplement the site with social network links and buttons. Following are the essential points that one must ponder upon regarding the website or blog:

  • It is always better to have a default theme or professional theme for your blog or website.
  • Your website or blog must have these informational tabs- About Us, Contact Us, Feed
  • The navigation on your webpage or blog should be very convenient for the users. All the contents should be accessible to the public.
  • One should refrain from interstitial windows such as sharing of like button or any type of survey etc.

7. Alexa Ranking

 If you actually want Google AdSense approval for your website, then surely you have to enhance the Alexa ranking for your website or blog. In order to do this, enhance the quality of traffic on your website. And for this, you should focus on providing unique and informative content to which your audience can connect.

Higher is the Alexa ranking for your website, lesser are the chances that Google AdSense will approve your account. It is because higher rank implies poor traffic which is not beneficial for both advertiser and publisher. Hence, one should work on improving Alexa Ranking for their site.

Other than these tips, make sure your website or blog has a privacy policy and about us page. Without these pages, chances are very rare to get approved.


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You may find many posts that say how to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute or Adsense approval trick but you should note that Google AdSense follows strict approval policy guidelines which one should satisfactorily meet, for instance, your blog should have a minimum age of 6 months under working conditions before you apply for AdSense.

However, in case your website is running successfully at a faster pace, then it becomes simpler to create the AdSense account on Google. Therefore, these are the 7 important tips that you should go through and follow if you are looking forward to getting approval for creating an account on Google AdSense. Remember that if your blog and website qualify for the adsense, it will take around 24 to 48 hours to ads to show on your website as this is the normal adsense approval time.

Hope my this post on How to Get Approved Faster by Google AdSense helps you. Please let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Great post. I wish I’d seen this when I was first starting out. I don’t actually use Adsense anymore but perhaps I’ll reconsider.

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