How To Improve Alexa Ranking in Less Than 20 Days

Website owners and bloggers have been striving hard to derive better rankings over search engine but they often forget that one of the essential factors online is gaining a good Alexa ranking. When users need to compare and contrast two websites or two blogs they highly trust the Alexa rankings. It is very clear that Alexa ranking is an important factor to define the relevancy of any website online and thus it must never be ignored. In simple terms, Alexa ranking depends highly upon the traffic any website receives but with this, it can be affected by several other factors as well. So, here is the introduction to everything you need to know about Alexa rankings.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa ranking is an important factor to decide the image of a website over online platforms. With Alexa ranking, one can estimate the popularity of website when compared to other websites. It is often seen that famous website owner ignore making right efforts to improve Alexa ranking but it is an important aspect that may affect the ranking and user rate. Alexa ranks of any popular website do not only depend upon the traffic of a website but it also depends upon necessary changes and updates implemented on a website. To increase Alexa ranking, one must keep on taking necessary steps on the website because it is important.

How Does Alexa Get Its Data?

Alexa ranks are best to compare between two websites and it follows a strict and complicated algorithm to gather the data from millions of people all around the world. It only captures pure human traffic and has specialized data scientist to conduct this successful process. It is capable of identifying and discarding the spam traffic so that only those websites can rank which have real human traffic from various sources. After proper analysis of the traffic received to any blog or website it provides ranks to each website, which can help decide which website is better. In order to improve Alexa ranking, it is important that website get better and real human traffic.

How is Alexa Rank Calculated?

Each and every website over the internet is viewed by Alexa and the information about daily visitors and total page view is collected for last three months. After this, the estimated average of the two is calculated. The website which has the highest combination of the two crucial factors is ranked to be number 1 in Alexa. The one which ranked better is in terms of human traffic. Those websites which have less average of the two need to work hard to improve Alexa ranking and rank on top ranking.

How to Increase Alexa Ranking?

When it is about judging a website relevancy, the website with better Alexa ranking is likely to get the attention of more and more users online. When one website is compared with another, Alexa rankings are the major factor to decide the relevancy. Website and blog owners keep on working hard to increase Alexa ranking but boosting Alexa ranking cannot be ensured if proper strategies are not followed, so when you are looking to improve Alexa ranking of your website you can depend on these useful strategies:

Improve Quality of Content

When it is all about ranks in the online world you cannot forget that the content is really a king for websites. More than stuffing your website with plenty of keywords in contents you must stick writing a quality that is catchy and precise. Be unique in expressing all about your company so that you can directly connect with your clients and can target better rankings online especially on Alexa. Keep on updating your contents so that you get noticed online and search engine can provide you rank. It is necessary that you stick to good content for your web pages. It is important here to remember that the content used on websites must not be copied and must be updated and updated for better rankings.

Keyword Research is Important

Before you explore to learn the online world tries to know your online users whom you want to target with your website. You must very well know what those desirable users are searching online. Keyword research is important because with this you may know what your users are actually searching online. When you will include those keywords on your website which is searched highly, the probability of gaining the rank will increase. It is not always necessary to include direct keywords one can gain right Alexa ranking also by targeting long tail keywords. There are several tools available online which can help you conduct an effective result with relevant keywords that can help you know that which keyword combination must be included on any website to gain better rankings. More than keyword research including right keyword is an important factor for any website.

Social Media Can Be a Good Platform

When it is gaining online ranks, popularity matters and the basic way to gain popularity online is promoting on social media networks. There are several social media platform that exists today and it is sure that each user is present on one or the other social media platforms. When you target more and more platform the probability of reaching users increases and when there is huge traffic on your website there is a better probability of getting better Alexa rank. Your online users are all present on several social media platforms these days and if you want to improve Alexa ranking you need to have a good brand image on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Alexa counts on all these platforms for website rankings. One must target at least 5 – 7 social media platforms for better rankings.

Inbounds Links are Beneficial

Linking are important as well. It is believed, in order to boost Alexa ranking you need to get quality backlinks to your website from other famous online websites that are already ranking well. It is quite sure that when you are linked to some famous websites you can prove your genuineness to your users online. These backlinks can help them trust you and your company. Alexa counts on these linking factors to provide a rank to websites. It is easy to obtain such ranking by including data on your websites and blogs which are helpful for users. When other website includes your links on their website, they open up a gate for its users to go to your website as well. This will help to increase your website traffic. Not only this if some day any search engine crawler get crawling that website from where you have got the inbound link there is a profanity that it can also enter your site to crawl your web pages and provide you a better rank.

Navigation is The Biggest Factor

Other than the attractive contents and the ultimate display, it is necessary to check that the web pages of your sites are well linked to each other. Whenever any user gets to your website, he must not face any issues accessing all the web pages. With the users, the crawlers must also not face any issues checking your website because this is how it can provide your website a right rank. There must be internal links right from the main page so that both user and search engine can get to web pages of your websites. With proper internal linking, one must never forget to include a sitemap on their website which is a direct signal for web crawlers. When they come to a website they can access and rank it with the help of sitemap. Navigation and site structure are two important factors for Alexa ranking.

Count on Competitors

Analysis and innovation are the basic need of the online world. If you want to survive and stay ahead you need to look at your competitors. Wisely analyze who all are your competitors in the same segments and explore what they are doing to obtain good Alexa rankings. If you want to increase Alexa ranking of your website try to wisely implement those strategies on your website, which your competitors have already applied because this all can help you gain right rank. When you will involve right strategies on your website it is possible that one day you will be ahead of your competitors. There are obviously some reasons why your competitors’ website is ranking better than you and it is sure that when you will start to include those same strategies on your website you will slowly observe positive changes and better ranking for your website.

SEO is Helpful

When you are looking to obtain good rankings in search engines including Alexa. It is essential that you give your time and attention to the search engine optimization strategy. SEO is a technique with which you optimize your website to rank well on search engines and thus no website owner can ignore it. There are various techniques that you can count upon when it is optimizing your website to obtain ranks and surely including even some of them can be fruitful for your website. With SEO you can not only acquire good search engine ranking but with this, you can promote your company online to increase the number of users online.

Know Your Users

Even when you are done building a well-structured website it is not always necessary that users enjoy using it. A perfect website is one which can attract users and engage them well so as to bring right profit to the organization. When you have tactics to analysis what your users actually expect from your website you can take proper steps to bring those changes to your website. This ensures that deserving traffic will be acquired and simultaneously the Alexa rank will increase.  There are several Seo tools with which you can identify everything about your users and their requirements. Using these tools you can bring necessary changes to your website. When users will get exactly what they need on your website they will continue to visit your website very frequently which can directly affect your website’s Alexa ranking.

Loading Speed Matter

More than the look of any website it’s loading speed matters. While you are designing an appropriate website with a lot of flash and animation, you sometimes forget about the speed of the website. To target more visitors to your website, you need to focus on website’s speed as well because this is an important factor for Alexa ranking as well. Whenever any user clicks to open your website, he needs to get to your website as fast as possible, if it will take more time in loading they will simply close your website to switch to some other better alternatives available online. In an online world, to compete with so many competitors you need to be best in all aspects including the speed of a website. When you need to create an attractive website you must never compromise with the speed of a website. For this Alexa offers a specialized toolbar which website owner can install. This toolbar can check the speed of a website.

With this, it is quite obvious that ignoring the important factor of Alexa ranking is not fruitful for any website because this is the common term used by users online for analysis of the relevancy of any website. Gaining rank on Alexa is not that difficult if right techniques are used. When all these techniques are nicely used one can easily boost Alexa ranking for any website. The basic way to enhance the ranking over any search engine and Alexa is by using all techniques altogether which may include competitive research, search engine optimization, backlinking, website performance and targeting users for better website traffic.


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