How to Increase Website Traffic

Before we go further to know how to increase website traffic, we must know why getting right traffic is essential in this competitive online world.

Only a website owner can understand the real essence of getting right traffic online. When your website is ranking online and have attained to set an online image among its users it is sure that good users will hit your website again and again and when they will keep visiting your website it is sure that one or the other day, they will do business with you, which is the main motive of any website online.

Sometimes it may also happen that you have received a good hit but all these are not fruitful for your website so more than increased traffic, right visitors are essential for any website. Rather than focusing on getting more and more traffic, it is essential for you to focus on getting desirable online customers to your website.

Why is website traffic important?

These are the reasons why website traffic is essential:

  1. Good website traffic is a true indicator that your website is good both for users and search engines.
  2. It let you know that how well your website is working in the online world.
  3. It symbolizes your efficiency in the online marketing world.
  4. With this, you can identify the popularity of your company among online users.
  5. It is a good way to gain right profit for your organization with right conversions.

Now you very well know and understand that gaining right traffic is quite essential for a website online. But, not all websites are fortunate enough and especially those initially launched websites have to work hard to get right traffic to their website. The reason behind is that they are new and no one knows them. There are various tactics for such website and it is sure that when right tricks are applied in a right way, only in few days those websites will start to receive visitors which will soon turn to be a good traffic for website success. Now, time to check “how to increase website traffic?”

How to Increase Website Traffic?

So here are some of the important techniques which can be used in the online world to gain right traffic:

Content is the King

Surely content is a king for right ranking. When you need good traffic on your website you need to be very sure about the content you have included on your website pages. Not only the homepage but also the individual pages must have good content which is both meaningful and attractive for its users to read and understand. The content of your website must be good enough to convey everything about you and your company. It must also be search engine friendly so that crawlers can crawl your web pages and provides your website a good rank in search engine result pages. With this, the rightly structured Meta description tag of web pages may also help you get good ranks in search engines and good website traffic respectively.


If the content is king, backlink can be said as queen in search engines. The more and more backlinks you have more is the probability of gaining referral traffic to your website but this does not mean irrelevant link building because this can be counted as a negative search engine optimization technique. It can costs you losing your website ranks in search engines. Try getting relevant backlinks from online directories and websites which have good page rank so that desirable traffic can be targeted for your website. These sources can act as a right way for your users to get to your website directly.

Social Media

When you want to drive more and more traffic to your website, start promoting your website on social media platform today. Commonly all online users are widely using one or the other social media platform. And, promoting your website here can help you target more and more users online. Even though this may let every type of user get to your website but among them at least few can be converted. Thus social media is easiest and most widely chosen source for acquiring traffic to the website. There are unique social media promotion strategies which can be used wisely to target right online users for website traffic.

Optimize Keywords

It is actually the keyword with which your users get to know about your website. When they search online with several keywords they get your website in results. So you must wisely know that with which keyword you want to get your website rank in search engines. There are several keyword research tools that help you to identify that which are the keywords that must be included on your website to gain right rank. In the search engine, it is better to target gaining ranks with long tail keywords rather than sticking to those short and highly competitive one word keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

Business owners have often wondered that why competitor’s websites are ranking well even when their website is not so well designed like their’s, the obvious reason is effective search engine techniques included on the website and competitors know how to increase website traffic fast. When a website is to be targeted for good website rankings it is good to involve search engine optimization techniques for the website. SEO is a way to optimize any website for search engine rankings. There are several off page promotion techniques included in SEO. Such techniques are business listing, blog posting, Social bookmarking, directory submission, search engine submission, forum posting, press release submission and much more.

Know Your Website

Getting a website designed with latest design elements is not sufficient these days. In the world of competition, users have so many choices available on the internet. And, if you fail to provide them a website they have been looking for then they will simply go back and find some another better site alternative. A website owner must know his website very well and must ensure that the website is capable enough of attracting right users and right traffic for better online presence. In this case, it is essential to remember that the first impression is the last impression and thus a website must be capable enough to convey everything about the company meaningfully. A perfect website is a web application that can attract a large number of users to it.

Online Marketing and Promotion

After you are done with a perfect web application design you need to ensure that online users know about you and your website. This is easy with online marketing tools. For this one can use easy email marketing services so that reaching to more and more users becomes easy. With this, one may also take help of online advertising tool with which one can promote a website with ads campaigns on search engines and several mail platforms. When your website will gain right online popularity it will surely receive a good traffic and desirable online user’s rate.

Get Feedback

Other than the word of mouth, these days online name and fame count. People prefer choosing those products from a well-known company which has received positive reviews and feedback from previous users online. The online popularity is essential for gaining right traffic to your website. Whether it is your service or product, its positive image on the internet can help you get more and more online customers to your website. Be sure that you do not end up getting a negative feedback on the internet for any of your product or services because this may result in losing your customer’s traffic to your website.

Reducing the Bounce Rate

We have heard many times that for a good traffic on the website you need to reduce your website bounce rate but what actually bounce rate is? And, how to increase website traffic by reducing bounce rate. Well, sometimes users come to your website and in a few seconds close it. This means he did not find something relevant on your website and this is said to be bounce rate. When the bounce rate reduces, it is easy to calculate that only right customers are getting to your website that stays there to show interest in your website. One must be sure of making a website look attractive such that user stays there to check the complete website and do business with the same company. It is necessary to reduce the bounce rate for good traffic.

Learn to Change with Analytics

Innovation is a need for right traffic. It is necessary to track your users on your website with a necessary tool. By doing this, you can bring necessary and effective changes to your website every now and then. Update your website in fixed interval because this is good both for traffic and search engines.

When you apply right concepts in a right way, it is sure that slowly your website will start to gain a good traffic. For such websites, online presence and good SEO techniques can work well. The Internet is the world where you need to have patience because you cannot expect results very fast here. So keep working hard and wait for the final results to show. Hope now you have the answer to your question “how to increase website traffic?” If you still have any question just comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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  1. This is a great list. I am really searching for resources on how to improve SEO and increase website traffic. I know the basics, but I also know there is more to it.

  2. I can’t believe how complicated it’s become to write for SEO. It’s wild to me that we now have to do specific things to our pages and content just to make sure people find them on search engines, rather than just relying on our organic content. Kind of sad.

  3. If we blog for business, these are really important points to consider. However, if we use blogging as a daily journal, I think you need not stress over SEO. I hire someone to check this stuff out for me because it just too overwhelming for me.

  4. Honestly, I learnt a lot from this great article. Though, I knew a few of the mentioned ways to increase my website traffic. This really helpful, thanks.

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  7. website traffic is tricky at times, esp when you’re starting out!!! Owning a website is a constant ‘continuing education’ It’s like never ending school because things are always changing… great info to help those in need ; )

  8. It is seriously difficult at times but if done properly it will be blessing in disguise.This is really great information for those who just started their websites. Even I will use these tips some day and I hope it turns out to be in my favor also.

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