10 Best Ways on How to Make Money Online in 2020

In this era, everybody is striving to work hard looking forward to the secret ways to earn money online. There are plenty of people who are asking Alexa (Amazon product) about how to earn money online without paying anything. The digital age has brought us the opportunity to make money online. It’s no hocus pocus introduction, think about it — we’re living in the digital era and witnessing the rapid change in technology. It’s far easier to learn how to earn online than ever before.

The world’s status quo is shifting to the on-demand economy of an individual, which allows opportunities like wealth creation, entrepreneurship, remote work, and time freedom. There is an abundance of platforms that offer remote jobs instantly. The best part is that you could take up any sort of freelance work at ease. In this article, we’ll cover 10 real ways to make money from home in 2020 and skip the outdated tactics.

Moreover, to make use of your current stay, some platforms online allows you to host your place, like put it up for rent for a short amount of time and earn money. You can also opt for paid surveys and many other below-discussed ways to earn money online. Apart from that, there are also numerous ways on “how to earn money from home without any investment” that you can try.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Without further ado, let’s take you through an in-depth analysis of some secret ways of making money online:

1. You could become a Remote Freelancer

All you need is relevant digital skills and you can kickstart with a high paying freelance career online. This is because remote jobs are very much in high demand these days and are one of the best ways to earn money online. You can search online for authorized platforms that offer freelance jobs without any investment.

Once you sign up for these websites, you can then view their remote job board across the panel that includes all kinds of industries. For example, Flexjobs, Upwork, CoFoundersLab, and Amazon Mechanical Turk are a few of them. Moreover, a remote freelancer job gives you the liberty to work anytime from anywhere while doing a day job.

2. Post Affiliate Marketing and Digital products Niche Blogs

Starting a blog is nothing new to be aware of, especially in 2020. However, doing it the right way is your answer to your question, “how can I earn money online” and it requires expertise to some level. The traditional way to launch a blog is picking up the right niche, invest in SEO, grow your traffic, and add Google AdSense advertisements on your site. Once you’ve decided upon your niche, select a reliable hosting platform, and you are good to get started with it.

And hence, you can create useful blog posts on digital product reviews, which has affiliate links placement. Afterward, you can launch your blog with a hosting platform to make money faster. However, using SEO keywords makes it easier for you to attract organic traffic via search engines in the long run.

3. Rent and Earn:

For a quick way to earn some extra bit of cash is by putting your stuff or place on rent using online platforms. You can rent your car or partnership with companies that offer a good package deal. Furthermore, you can rent your place to stay as a host for foreigners who visit your country to affiliated, trustworthy companies.

Apart from that, these days, you could practically rent anything and everything you own and make money online. Check out Turo, JustPark, Spinlister, Style Lend, and Airbnb.

4. Share your knowledge

In the case, if you have valuable knowledge of something that can help others, don’t hold back. You can now use it to earn an extra bit of income from home via making videos and posting them on YouTube. It doesn’t matter where you are and what you’re doing, you can start paid or free online courses for those you need more insight into that topic.

Moreover, when it comes to free online courses, they are in high demand for professionals and businesses. Check out, Teachable, Thinkific, and Unacademy. You can teach people how to write to teach them how to code; your students will pay you for the course.

5. Invest and Earn

A convenient answer to your query called how can I earn money from home is by investing in the markets online. Investing may seem complicated and risky, but it’s simpler and more accessible than you could’ve imagined. Some authorized apps let you quickly invest in stocks, EFTs options, and Cryptocurrency.

However, before opting for this method of investing your money online, on an advisable note — do quick market research and read terms and policies before investing. And furthermore, it could prove to be the best way to earn money online.

6. Earn by Self-publishing

In the case, if writing gives you joy then there are endless ways to make money online by writing. This isn’t the era where you need to follow the traditional method to publish a book by relying on a publisher. Various online platforms are now handing out to you the opportunity to publish your books at a reasonable price on your terms.

You can have a look at Amazon KDP, YourQuote, Wattpad, and similar platforms. Furthermore, ensuring quality, you can easily publish your work and start selling online. The best part about this is that it hardly requires any upfront investment. You just have to be good at what you are writing and that is going to work for you in the long run.

7. Make Money Online by Coding:

Coding skills are valuable and limited. People look forward to finding coders with high-quality coding skills in today’s digital market. It doesn’t matter whether you took up a course, or are self-taught. You can start coding apps, chatbots, or even, to an extent, create another Alexa. Yes, you can do that!

Moreover, the AI (Artificial intelligence) market is changing and expanding; the market demands coders. And if you have skills in this area or willing to learn, you can make a lot of money for yourself by coding. Moreover, the python code requirement is something, which is trending at the moment. Hence, you can choose to do that as well and make money online by coding for various online clients.

8. Web or Mobile App Development

It’s a fact that people earn a lot of revenue in web or mobile app development. It’s obvious you need to know how to code for an iOS or Android app development. App development is not as easy; it may seem if you have relevant skills in this field. You can approach as a freelance app developer and quote your price.

Moreover, there so many clients out there that demand app developers in the market. And hence, you can present your portfolio online and start building your own mobile app development company as well.

9. Data Mining and AI firm

Data is the next black oil. Name any giant company; they all work on data and how to use it to generate more revenue. If you want to earn through data mining, start solo data mining and AI firm of your own. Furthermore, if you have relevant skills in this field, employers will not hesitate to pay you in numbers for your data mining tools and services.

10. Become a translator

If you speak another language and have a relevant qualification, you can become an online translator. It’s a freelance job, which could allow you to help someone to translate a manuscript, news, content, and about anything. Furthermore, you can quote your price to the various online clients and get paid according to the work that is asked to be done. Also, it comes into the category of secure and remote jobs to earn an extra bit of income online.


Considering the list of hidden ways to earn money online may go on and on, you need to pick on the right method now. However, before the market becomes more tough and competitive, take charge and start as early as you can. The stakes are high when it comes to earning money, start by building your company, become a travel blogger, or do coding.

However, ensure to not waste time as such jobs require time and effort to make them a secure platform for generating regular income. It may seem easy to grasp onto a way of making money online but hold on to it and do it in the right direction.

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19 thoughts on “10 Best Ways on How to Make Money Online in 2020

  1. These are such handy tips! What about cryptocurrency? I’ve heard it’s a good way to make money, if you put in money at the right moment?

  2. I think being a freelancer is the best way so I’m glad it made your list. You are in control as a freelancer of your time, jobs and projects, and money you make. Great list!

  3. This is so helpful because my blog is fairly new, and I think it’d be neat to make money from it. Definitely #2 is super helpful, and I’ll look more into SEO keywords and Google AdSense. Thanks!

  4. There are so many ways nowadays as you said. And I agree that people need to choose the right method. If you want to work towards something you will eventually get paid.

  5. I have been trying a few of the above for sometime but still couldn’t figure how to monetise or may be I need to be a bit more patient.

  6. I have been looking for ways to bring in some extra cash in my free time. Thanks for sharing these great suggestions.

  7. These are all great ideas! It’s crazy to me that writing is still a prominent way people communicate. This is a list that i”m sure could help so many people looking for supplemental income or to leave their job!

  8. Great ideas! I’ve thought about doing freelance work for a while now but just never took the step to actually get started.

  9. I like that you chose different fields of online activities, and not just coding or writing for example. Translating is a great way to make money online, especially if you speak a rare language.

  10. These are great suggestions that I’m going to have to look into! I’m already teaching ESL online (which I think is another great opportunity if you have the credentials) but as a stay-at-home mom, I need to find other ways to bring in some cash.

  11. Great ways, I didn’t know that we can earn extra money by sharing your knowledge until I tried the survey questions from big companies and similar stuff. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.

  12. It is amazing how many ways of making money exist in today’s time. Thanks for sharing. Was not aware of many of them.

  13. Thank you for sharing. There are many ways to make money but its really hard to know the right way. Your information are so useful.

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