How to Make Money with Clickbank?

You already know now that you can earn money online with blogging and affiliate marketing but when you really want to try something more to earn a reasonable profit on the internet you can give an attempt to earn with Clickbank. I have already explained to you in my previous articles that how affiliate marketing work and how can you wisely earn from it and now I am up to explain you nice techniques to earn more commission with Clickbank. Thousands of internet users make money with Clickbank and this is because it is easy and useful. With the right techniques, one can earn a good amount from Clickbank.

Many people have already used Clickbank but after a few efforts, they simply closed it because it does not return any result. Have you ever wondered why? This is because of the techniques which they have applied. Clickbank is all about the right techniques which can give a trustworthy result and earnings.

How to make money with Clickbank?

If you are looking to earn with Clickbank you can either register yourself with Clickbank to sell your own product or may make money with Clickbank by selling further the already listed product. Clickbank is just a great way to earn a reasonable commission by selling the product.

Many people join Clickbank but not all of them can earn a reasonable amount of commission even after applying enhanced promotional strategies for product promotion. This is because they are missing some of these essentials that are required to make money with Clickbank. Anything that is executed in a step by step procedure is more likely to get success and on Clickbank success is the commission earned.

Here I am with the step by step procedure that can help you earn money with Clickbank:

Finding a suitable product

First of all, you need to register on Clickbank. After you are done registering yourself with Clickbank, the next step is finding a suitable product for you. There are hundreds and thousands of companies already registered on this network who are selling several products online and thus it is very important that you choose a product which you can actually sale. The first and foremost step over Clickbank is earning your first commission which you can only gain if you choose a product of your choice. Many times affiliates choose those products which they have already used before and which are high in demand so that they can promote them well and can make money with Clickbank.

For beginners, it is advised to choose the products that have a low price. The reason behind is that most of the customers tend to buy the products that have a lower price. Even though with products that have lower rates you will earn less commission but it can teach you better techniques for your future. Slowly you may start selecting higher value products which can help you earn more commission on each sale. So when selecting the product, keep in mind to select the products that have lower price and high commission.

Using Blog/Website to Earn Money

When you are done listing your products which you want to actually sell with Clickbank it is the right time you decide sources which you will be using for its promotion. The Internet is vast and so are the sources available. Restricting yourself to only some platforms may not ensure the selling of the product so when you want to make money with Clickbank you need to find all suitable platforms and networks which can promote sell online.

One of the major trusted sources is a blog. When your blog is already listed and has a good number of visitors you can use your own blog to promote the products. This is because those users who like your blog actually trust you and will never mind buying those products referred by you.

The alternate way is the promotion with websites. If you own a website that ranks well in search engine this could be a good way to bring sales for the selected products. Just create an awesome landing page for that products and those users who regularly visit your website will surely check the products referred by you and if they like it they can buy it. You can put the banners of your products to the header and sidebar sections of your website to get better results.

How to Promote Clickbank Products on Social Media to Earn More Commission

Social media promotion is a great and most common way to promote a product and create sales. Everyone is commonly present online on social media now and thus targeting potential customer on platforms like Facebook and Twitter become easy. Let’s find out how to promote your Clickbank product on social media.

First of all, find the pages and groups that are related to your product. I mostly promote weight loss products. What technique I use is, I have joined many weight loss groups and pages on social media and there are many people who are looking to lose their weight. Most of the people in these pages usually post “help to lose weight”. What I do is, I just go to the comment section of that post and I reply them. While doing so, I put the link to that product smartly there.

Same I do in the case of YouTube and Twitter. There I find the same niche related videos and tweets and comment there with my link to the product. Social media is the best way to make money with Clickbank. If you are thinking to promote clickbank products on Pinterest,  just check this guide on how to post clickbank links on pinterest.

Using Paid Ads

The other best way to make money with Clickbank is to promote products using paid ads. There are plenty of websites where you can run your ads. Choose any ad platform that provides great results. Remember you have to choose CPS (cost per sale) campaigns. The reason I’m asking to join only cost per sale campaign is that in these campaigns you only have to pay if the product you are promoting is sold. Also, while choosing any campaign make sure your ad budget is lower than your commission of the product. Also, make sure to not use the Google Adwords to promote because there are some products in Clickbank whose landing pages violates the Policy of Google Adwords. So, if you do so, Google Adwords can suspend your account.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is also a great option for many affiliates to bring in sales for the product. In this, you have to write great content related to the products that are you promoting. After that, you need to reach out to the bloggers or websites that have a similar niche to your product and request them to post your article on their website/blog. If they agree, you can get traffic to your product from there and can increase your sales and commission.

Generating More Commission with Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Blog commenting is also a great way to promote a click bank product. All you need to do is just find your product-related posts. When you find them scroll down to the comment section of the post and submit your reply to that post. While replying keep in mind to write in such a way that it doesn’t look spam and you can easily insert the link. Otherwise, the post author will not approve your link. There are two ways to put the link in your comment, one is you can put your link directly in the comment box and the 2nd method is to insert the link in the section where they ask for personal information. As in most posts, you have to submit your name, email address, and website.

Forum posting is also a widely used technique when affiliates need to earn with Clickbank. For this, they need to find the product related forum and start participating in those threads. Once joined the forum you can try to post the links as a reference in the threads. It is important here to remember that you must never end up posting spams links in the forum otherwise you may be blocked. If you are not familiar with forum posting, find here how to use forums to get traffic.

A perfect combination of all these techniques can actually create a sale for an affiliate.

Learn to Track

Once you are already promoting your product it is a high time you find that what your efforts are bringing for you. If you wish to make money with Clickbank, tracking is an essential step. It is important to know that if your chosen techniques are actually bringing sales for you or not. Even though the commission in initial stages is not much but if you are getting even some amount it is sure that you can head earning money with Clickbank with the same techniques. You may try a combination of different strategies in the fixed interval and may access what is best for you so that you can bring change for future growth with Clickbank.

There are several tools which can be used with the Clickbank to know that what actually is helping you and how much sales you are getting and with which sources. These tools can also help you know that are your techniques successful in bringing direct sales to your product page or not.


Once you start earning a good amount as a commission by selling the product of your choice with Clickbank, it is the right time you can expand your sales to more products. In initial you need to select the product of the same segments so that just by focusing on one market segment you can earn well. If you have been selling 2 – 3 products till now, you can select up to 5 or more products to sell as per your convenience in the future. Slowly once you learn to bring sales for these products you can expand your products selling services and may also give an attempt to sell products of other market segments.

When you want to make money with Clickbank you need to apply well-managed techniques only with which you can ensure results. Earning money online with networks like Clickbank is not that difficult when you learn to apply suitable techniques but with Clickbank, it is all about the right ones. The Internet is full of techniques and only those win which can help you promote your products and ensure its sales. Clickbank is a right way that can help you earn money online.

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  2. thank you for sharing these tips and suggestions 🙂 I did hear about affiliate marketing but I was unsure about Clickbank.

  3. I know I signed up for Clickbank like years and years ago but never followed through. I will have to check if my account is still active. Looks like a really awesome way to earn money!

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  9. I have never heard of Clickbank before, and from your article I understand is somehow similar with Amazon? I think that for every affiliate partner you need a good plan on how you will approach the market. Without one you won’t succeed.

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