How To Monetize Your Blog Without Google Adsense

So, you are reading this blog because you aren’t approved for Google AdSense or you are permanently banned by the AdSense. True?

Doesn’t matter actually ; )

Whatever the reason is, after reading this post, you will surely know many ways to earn money from your blog.

We all know that most of us start blogging to earn some money from it. I’m not saying that everyone does blogging for money but still, somehow we want to monetize our blogs.

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For that, the first thing we do is to apply for Google Adsense as this seems the easiest way to earn money from blogging. But getting approved for the Google Adsense isn’t that easy. They have some requirements that you need to fulfill. And, if you don’t fulfill them they will keep rejecting you.

So, if you aren’t yet approved for the google Adsense or you’ve been blocked permanently, then follow the below tips to earn money from your blog.

Start Reviewing The Products                               

As we all know there are many companies that pay you for reviewing their products on your website. For that, all you need to do is, just search for the products that are in your niche and contact the company and write a wonderful review about their product. Most of the companies will be happy to pay you if you have good traffic on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to monetize your blog without Adsense is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, all you need to do is just promote other companies’ products on your blog and when anyone buys the product from your link, you will get paid. This method of making money from blogging is widely used these days.

For this, just sign up on various affiliate marketing programs and choose the products that are in your niche.

Shareasale and Rakuten Linkshare are one of the most popular affiliate marketing websites.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

You probably know that Google Adsense isn’t the only one in the market that helps you to earn money by showing ads on your blogs. There are so many alternatives to Google Adsense. You can try them.

Here is a list of some Google Adsense Alternatives:

  • Propeller Ads
  • Infolinks
  • RevContent

Paid Guest Posts

When you have traffic on your website/blog, you will receive so many guest post requests. Some of them will offer you money so that they can get a link from your website. These days, this method to earn money from your blog is really doing well.

Believe me, if you have a good DA website, then you probably have got many such requests. If not, try increasing the DA of your website and see the money coming to you.

Sign Up For Amazon Associates

Do you know that you can make money by selling amazon products? Yes, that’s true. Just sign up for the Amazon Associates program and you can start making money when anyone buys amazon products through your blog. There are many ways to promote amazon products on your website. You can place their ads on your blog or simply write a review of any amazon product to encourage your users to buy it.

So, that’s it. I’ve some more methods to monetize your blog without google Adsense but that methods are a bit tricky. But I will surely come up with them shortly.

Don’t forget to comment if you have any questions.

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9 thoughts on “How To Monetize Your Blog Without Google Adsense

  1. Ads are just one way of monetising a blog. I like to combine them with affiliate marketing and sponsored posts to create different revenue channels on my website.

  2. Great list of tips! I know several people who would love to read this article as well so I will pass this along to them to read as well.

  3. There are a a lot of ways to earn but I agree, these are the wisest pick particularly Affiliate Marketing! Amazon Associates has also helped me with my blog. Thanks for the infor!

  4. One of the biggest struggles I have to monetize is how to my blog because I am not a DIY or fashion or beauty blogger. I am a music blogger. I need to think about more.

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