How to use forums to get traffic and backlinks

When it comes to a website, organic traffic is very curial. A good website design, catchy content and good on-page SEO is not enough to bring traffic to your website. There are many right ways to drive traffic to your website one such brilliant way is to use the forums. Here in this post, you will be finding the information about how to use forums to get traffic and backlinks.

In order to drive traffic successfully from forums to your website each day, you should have quality content and also must follow some strategies to achieve it for the long run. In order to get traffic organically from various discussion forums, you must publish the content at least 2-4 times a week.

Your website should be stable and should have enough content so that you receive more active traffic on each post.  Initially, you can think of publishing 2-3 contents in a day. Gradually can reduce it to 4 contents in a week or you can also plan to post content alternative days.

Here are the best strategies which can help you to drive traffic and quality backlinks to your website.

1. Use Signature

Using a signature is one of the best forum marketing strategy. After creating each post always make sure to link the signature into your post. This is an easy way to drive traffic to your blog, those people who have liked your content will automatically click on the link shared by you. Always make sure to add a relevant blog post to the discussion forum. This will make the visitors think the information you are sharing is relevant and would be of their help.

2. Create a new thread

It is always best to connect with other folks and discuss with them. But always make sure to begin a new thread. Each new thread usually receives more than 10+ comments for a discussion. This will automatically have a positive effect on the website traffic and also will give much-needed visibility to the content. Hence, if you are planning to post something new, always begin with starting a new thread to drive good traffic to the website.

3. Give importance to old threads.

Give equal importance to the old thread as well, an old thread with 20+ comments and more is best. If you are being part of any old discussion, then once you post your comment all the subscribers who have commented on this particular thread will be notified. They get a new message that a new comment is added, this way more people will see your comments and prefer to join the discussion. Moreover, you can notice more traffic and backlink on your website by using the old thread.  Make sure to read the forum rules before getting started, you don’t want to violate the forum policy and unnecessary bump up the thread.

4. Add Blog Feed

It is always best to add the blog feed to your forum profile. This can be easily found below the user name of your profile. This is a clickable link, always include your latest blog post. Those folks who have visited your profile get a chance to visit your website directly.

5. Give a Small Brief

In the online world, people don’t have the time nor energy to read a long and descriptive post. It is always best to brief out the information, people prefer to read short and straight forward answers to their queries. If you are asked to give a small brief, stick to following only simple and needed information in each comment which your post. Always add quality content and solution in each comment, this will increase your credibility in the forum.

6. Stay Positive and focused

No matter how people reply to your comment, it is a must for you to stay positive and motivated. Try to provide the best answer to the question, avoid any sort of negative or offensive comments. It is always important to follow the decorum of the forum, try to stick to the topic and agree to disagree if the comments contradicting your viewpoint. The forum is filled with experienced people, it is always best to be polite and to the point when you are replying to any comment.

7. Help Others

Your goal is to publish your link in the forum, but also give importance to other’s comments when they are asking about any question. The forum is primarily a place to help each other. Avoid publishing just your own link, you can also share multiple links to give them the right information. Avoid self-promotion everywhere, people won’t read if you always share only your link.

8. Follow Up

When you add any comment or begin a new thread, you can keep a check on the comments which you are receiving, if they need any help do the follow-up. It adds more value to the thread created by you, people will find you as a reliable person and the information shared by you would also be considered as credible.

9. Brief About Yourself

It is always a good idea to add more information about yourself into your profile, you can include attributes like interests, hobbies, education along with the picture. In case people want to communicate with you, they can easily get in touch with you via the profile. Always mention your website in your profile bio, this is the best possible way to build traffic and get backlinks to your website.

10. Drop Relevant Links

Online discussion forums are the best way to drop the relevant link, it helps to build backlinks. This way your website will have great domain authority, as well as the page value, will also be high. All this has a positive effect on Google ranking. The website with quality backlinks is displayed by the Google search engine result page. Hence, always focus on dropping relevant links on the discussion forum. Give a small brief along with the relevant link of your website to the questions asked in the thread.

Final words

The online forums are the best possible way to drive organic traffic and build quality backlinks for your website, always be consistent while sharing the comments and suggestions on the forum.

Hope now you know how to promote on forums and How to get traffic from forums. Don’t forget to comment if you have any questions.

One more thing if you don’t know how to get niche forum lists, just search your keyword and add “forum” with it. For example, if you want forums for SEO, just search SEO forums and you will get your niche forums list.

And, you can use the same strategies to bring the traffic to your website by using Question and Answer websites. You can find the link here to the best question and answer websites.

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  1. These are great tips. What are your favorite forums to be a part of? Or where do you find ones to join?

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