10 Simplest (But Proven) Ways to Improve Click Through Rate (CTR) of a Website

Do you want to improve click through rate of your website? You have landed to the right place then.

Click Through Rate mostly considered in the paid ads but you probably don’t know that it is very important for your search results too.

Imagine you are getting a lot of impressions in search engine results but not getting any clicks to your websites, in that case, your ranking will decrease definitely.

So, what to do?

Before coming to how to improve Click Through Rate (CTR), let’s understand what it actually is.

“Click Through Rate can be considered as the ratio of the number of clicks that your website/blog get to the number of times your website/blog appeared in search results.”

So when your Click Through Rate is high, to search engines, your website is better than the other websites that are getting few clicks on same keywords as yours.

It means your rankings in search results will climb up.

And, on the other hand, if your CTR is low, search engines will kick you out of the first page.

If you are the one who has low CTR and really looking to increase click through rate, then you will find here some really great tips that helped me a lot in improving my CTR.

So, “How to improve Click Through Rate of a website?”

Headline of Website Matters

Title is the first thing which a user gets to know about your website and thus it must be eye-catching. When you really need to improve Click through rate for your website you need to improve your headlines and titles. Title will help them decide that whether they must actually get to your website or not. The title must be between 50 – 60 characters and must be optimized with right keywords. It must be unique and compelling such that it can help gains both better ranks in search engines and also good CTR to your website.

Try to Include Fresh Content

Users are more likely to go through those contents which are from recent times and they expect their website to be fresh and thus it is vital to keep your website’s content up-to-date if you really need to get visitors to your website. Fresh content also let search engine crawler track your website more frequently which can help you obtain good ranks. When it is about content on your website you must keep on updating it in fixed interval of time so that you can include content which is relevant as per today’s need and expect users to come to read it.

Use Well-Optimized Meta tags

Optimizing your Meta description tag can again help you improve Click through rate for your website. a well crafted meta description that has optimized set of keywords can not only help you rank well in search engine results pages but equally let you obtain better CTR for your website. Meta description must look good and must be wisely created. As a good practice using a well managed 154 -160 characters Meta description is helpful. Meta description is the precise description of your website which can compel your visitors to click on your website to increase the click through rate of your website.

Use Rich Snippets

When you really want to work on your CTR you need to very well know how you should optimize the visibility of snippets. Snippets are the small details that you see below your website when it is ranking in search engine result pages. This is because when you Snippets are rich and has good information in the display it will compel users to actually open your site and get into it. This includes reviews, ranking, ratings, mark-up about the website and much more.

Make Your Site Visually Rich

The right use of images and photos can make your website look attractive and when users will enjoy using your website they can interact with you more frequently. This can slowly help you improve Click through rate for your website. Other than including perfect images it is also important to remember that you include it in a right way with an Image alt tag. With image alt tag you can let crawlers know what the image is exactly about and this can help you gain rank in SERP results. Perfect use of right images can help you attract your potential users to your website as well.

Target With Long Tail Keyword

These days targeting better ranks and better visitors is little difficult with direct keywords and thus it is a good idea to target with long tail keywords. Also, these days users commonly search in terms of long sentences so as to get direct and convenient results and thus gaining ranks with long keywords becomes essential for the website. When they will get word to word result, they are more likely to get to your website which will slowly help you bring a good change in CTR for your website. With long tail keywords, one can ensure to exactly rank for those long search terms which users are commonly searching on search engines.

Use Breadcrumbs Navigation

Using convenient breadcrumbs navigation is a good practice when you want to ensure providing better user interphase with your website. This helps owners improve the way a user uses a website. When users can easily navigate through your web pages in your website they will enjoy using your website and will come back to it again and again. With the help of easy breadcrumbs navigation techniques, you can successfully establish a long-term relationship with your potential clients which can slowly help you notice right changes in the click through rate. With the navigational ease of use, users will find your website suitable to do actual business with.

Optimize Your URL

Optimized URL is equally beneficial when you need to improve Click through rate for your website and this is because short, descriptive and clearly appearing URL are more likely to receive better clicks. The user-friendly and relevant URL can easily convey everything about your website and when users will find it meaningful, they will surely get to your website. Optimized URL is also good for search engines and crawlers. When you need to improve your clicks in terms of search results, try optimizing your URL.

Know Your Audience

When you are actually looking to enhance your visitors over your website, you need to understand them. Once you carefully analyze their requirements you can update your website to provide the same, meaningfully. It is important to realize that whether your website is successful in delivering those products and services which they are looking for or not. If they do not get what they are looking on your website they will simply close your website to switch to better alternatives which can somehow affect your websites’ CTR.

Have Space for Analytics

If right analytics reports are formulated, it can help one know the reasons for reduced CTR very easily working on which it is possible to slowly improve Click through rate for a website. Analytics can help you track actions and behavior of your website users with which you can analyze the reason because of which you are unable to ensure conversion. When you know the reasons because of which you lacking you can work on it and can bring changes to enhance the rates of conversions on your website.


CTR is an important factor for ensuring website success but sometimes website owners simply forget this. If you want to bring in the potential customers to your website so as to accomplish your set business goal, you need to take the above easy steps to increase Click through rate. It is sure that the better your website CTR would be, better results you can achieve online from your website. When you are really looking to improve Click through rate you can effectively combine all the techniques meaningfully for better online website success. Good CTR ratio can not only help you get better search engine ranking for your website but will also help you manage your online reputation effectively.


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29 thoughts on “10 Simplest (But Proven) Ways to Improve Click Through Rate (CTR) of a Website

  1. I must say even these tips are simple and effective, but there are few who don’t get this concept easily. When I say don’t get this concept easily, I meant in practical basis or you know someone doing this job in an organisation. They Know the concept but do not know how to apply, but I am pretty sure even I will apply this for now on and become great at job. Already bookmarked as well.

  2. Thank you so much for this article! I’m working on improving CTR right now and this post is super helpful for me.

  3. I agree that high click through rates definitely help you to get a higher Google and search engine presence which is neccessary for maximizing your brands profile. Using breadcrumb navigation is not something that I had thought of using previously but I like the sound of it. I try and create fresh content when I can.

  4. These are all good tips. I’m still learning the ropes of blogging so I’m sure it’ll be awhile before all these things make sense. I’m also just now beginning to monetize, so we’ll see.

  5. Is there a specific look for the link so that people will click through? My website has very low click through rate. 😦

  6. Catchy headlines, rich snippets and meta descriptions! When it comes to my experience of using search engines, it always boils down to what’s catchy at first site so definitely, I’m also working on that. Hope I get as much click throughs eventually.

  7. I need to try and boost my click through rate. These sorts of posts are really handy, thanks so much. It’s great to read up on this in a post that is clearly set out and easy to understand.

  8. This is something I need to concentrate on, I have bookmarked this to come back to thank you for sharing x

  9. These tips are great for beginners, most people jump into blogging and then fall short because they didn’t know their audience well, they didn’t use fresh content or something else, and this can even help some veteran bloggers if they find themselves in a period when their CTR has fallen short, and they want to raise up the numbers.

  10. Actually, I have been reading more on meta tags and how to optimize my website. And your post came in great timing. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  11. Even though my eyes glazed over, these are great techy tips for those who need to optimize their click through. Very insightful.


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