Local SEO – Outrank Your Competitors in Local Business

You have been doing online SEO for your website for a quite while from now but what you are missing is local SEO which is also quite important. Just like standard SEO, this is also equally important for your website. Local SEO is important for local business promotion and online marketing. When you are missing right local SEO on your website it is obvious that you are missing some of the real opportunity to target those customers which are near you. This is because when someone is searching for local products your website will not be get listed as it has been not targeted to rank well in local results.

That is why local optimization or local SEO is quite important. It is necessary to note here that people commonly search for local shops and retail outlets for goods and services so that they can reach there to buy goods of their choices in cases when they do not want to prefer buying something online. And when there will be your competitors listed well it is obvious that they will prefer choosing those which are easily available online.

These days’ users are commonly present on mobile platforms and thus users simply search for anything and everything via their mobile on the go and then they prefer that website which ranks well. It is important to target such users as well and this is possible with local SEO.

The local SEO is quite different from general SEO because it needs you to include geographical components as well and target only local customers rather than general users but this does not mean that you ignore those general online users. Optimizing website both for local and global online market is important for overall success.

What is Local SEO?

The techniques of local SEO is quite similar to standard SEO but it just adds an additional feature of geographical components because unlike general SEO it needs to target users of specific locations and thus it is important that any website is optimized well to rank only in particular location. Local SEO is equally effective both for local business and global business because local SEO for a business firm can help bring local customers to them. Both big and small business firm should definitely target users with Local SEO.

Why Local SEO is important for a business to grow?

Local optimization and Local SEO is quite important for your business to grow. In digital marketing, it is necessary to get an existence in the local online market because targeting local customers is easy when compared to users situated at a location away from the actual postal address of the company. Local SEO techniques can help in branding and promotion of a website as well as a company. The need of local Search engine optimization has grown significantly in last few years and its popularity is required because users now commonly search for nearest availability with better connectivity.

Strategies to Outrank Competitors

When people generally search for an outlet, restaurant or some shop near his location he gets results based on local optimization. Surely that website which has rightly involved Local SEO can rank well when compared to those which not have such strategies. Thus if you want your website to rank well when compared to other websites in the local online market you must optimize your website to rank well for local search engine results as well to target local customers:


Be sure to include the perfect Name, address and Phone Number details on your website well so that search engines can crawl your website and list it for local business listing such that when users search for nearest locations they can get your website in lists with complete information so that local users can reach you anytime.  NAP can help you target better local users and penetrate about you and your company into their mind so that the next time they are in a requirement for any service or product that your company is providing they only trust you and no one else.

Local Reviews

Local reviews have an important place in local rankings and thus you must look for feedbacks you are getting for your company and your product on online business listing site. Google reviews count with the reviews on other local directories. You yourself should get through all the review and be sure all of them are positive which help you get better traffic and good local listing. For this, you can consult existing customer base and try to get good and positive reviews from them. There are several strategies for this as well and when you are taking care to provide good services and better products you need not to worry much about positive reviews because this is obvious.

Local SEO Factors (On-Page)

On page is always important for website ranking. Right on page not only helps you convey about your company to your users but with this, it also helps you gain rank in search engines. The On-page SEO technique is also essential for local SEO, the difference is in the target. When it is On page SEO for a local market you need to include simple keywords based on city and local area that can help you gain rank for areas and city location in search engines. For this one can include city or region in keywords, landing page title, H1 tag, page Url, Page content and image alt tag as well for better local rankings.

Local Citation and Link Building

Just like link building is important for standard SEO it is equally important for local optimization. The only difference is that like in standard SEO backlinks from good page rank website counts, the backlinks in local SEO must be from local websites and not the high authority websites. Local link building is backlinks from a similar local website so that local users get a referral and they reach to your website. Backlinks are a direct way with which users can get to your website and when it is from local sources, it is obvious that only local customer will get to you.

Locally Focused Directories

When you are working to earn links from online sources backlinks from directories may also count and in local link building, the purpose must be getting listed in local directories. There are plenty of local directories which can be targeted to gain ranks with. These directories can be looked for gaining presence only among local users. Local directory listing is a good strategy for local results. It is better to focus acquiring backlinks from local listed directory and business pages than those standardized directories because this is an effective way for local link building campaign.

Targeting local online market is easy and convenient with local SEO techniques. Directly targeting for global markets is tough for new and small business and for them targeting local market is easy with effective Local SEO techniques. It is equally necessary for big firms as well because even when they have a good online presence on search engines they surely need to target customers around them for branding and image building.


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25 thoughts on “Local SEO – Outrank Your Competitors in Local Business

  1. This is actually my first time hearing of local SEO , I only knew about standard SEO and SMO, but it is interesting that you can optimize your content geographically as well. Who knew?

  2. thank you for sharing this knowledge. I had no awareness of Local SEO and its benefits 🙂 targeting global markets

  3. I didn’t really think there were separate SEOs, but it does make sense especially if you own a local business. This could definitely help with reaching more customers!

  4. This is an interesting post, and worth studying. Thanks for sharing this and I will consider applying it.

  5. Wow such an indepth look at Local Seo and tips on how to better utilize it. I don’t have a business but I definitely want to pass this guide for friends who do because they’ll appreciate learning from it.

  6. I’ve been trying to learn more about SEO. It’s so important for business – and local is really a good thing to focus on, too!

  7. This is very well written and informative post. I have been trying to improve the local SEO of my website and your post helped a lot.

  8. Great post i really didn’t know some things. This will help me to improve my Local SEO for my blog. Many businesses don’t realize that Google gives you a FREE listing on their search engine.

  9. I agree with this completely. I am a dentist and I have to make sure that I present an edge over the other dentist and dental practices in my area, so that patients will find me first before other places.

    I utilize Google a lot. I make sure my Googlemaps listing is updated and that there are good reviews.

  10. This is resourceful! I have been gradually taking notes on effective SEO, and as I soon step into the role of managing my business’ website, local SEO will definitely be a valuable space to grow expertise in. These tips look like a great place to start. Thank you for sharing! Bookmarking the post for future use. 🙂

  11. Many people only think of SEO for websites. They don’tknow that it is also very important for local businesses as well.

  12. Yes, link building and review are very important. Reviews are the products of the bond/trust from your customer. Great post!

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