Master Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy With This Guide

If you are still restricted to use Facebook and Twitter for online promotion of your product, it is high time you try out the very effective Pinterest platform. These platforms which have more than 200 million monthly active users open up a new opportunity for reaching to prospective clients easily. Pinterest marketing is an easy and convenient way for online marketing if you have solid plans and better marketing strategies with you.

In cases when you are looking to explore new network platforms which are different from existing platforms you can go for Pinterest marketing without any doubt. Pinterest is simple and original and lets users pin their interest without much complications or decorations. The techniques are easy and thus it becomes quite easy to reach to the target audience and increase sales with Pinterest. The best part of Pinterest is that it is fun for users and when anyone shares anything through pin it is valued by other members on Pinterest. The only requirement that you have to accomplish here is having a good network.

Why Choose Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique platform for social networking when compared to other existing networks and this is an obvious reason why it is highly chosen for online marketing. Pinterest let you share your direct links as an affiliate and pin the details of a product directly without any need of long content and this makes it easy to reach to desirable customer meaningfully. When the best Pinterest marketing strategy is used it gets extremely easy to promote your products and brands on Pinterest. There are hundreds of brands actually promoted on Pinterest. It is sure that when you know the right skills of marketing on Pinterest you can also successfully ensure lead generation for your products. With all this, you really need to know that Pinterest is all about Pins, boards and feeds and you must know how to use all of them to better promote your products on Pinterest.

Step By Step Guide For Start Pinning On Pinterest

Before you can actually head towards promoting your products over Pinterest you need to have a well managed Pinterest account with followers and popularity. It is impossible to start Pinterest marketing among just a few followers. Start your Pinterest account and create boards and pins. Slowly you will receive followers and then targeting desirable clients will get easier. Getting an account on Pinterest is easy and for this, you need to follow some easy steps:

  • Creating an account on Pinterest

Just like on any other platform, you need to create a business account on Pinterest as well to start your promotion with its pin options. This is easy and you can get to its business page to join as a business. Fill in the asked details like your email address, business name, the purpose of using the Pinterest account, website and the category in which you fall. Once done, you need to click create account option. This will help you get an account for your Pinterest marketing and if you already have a Pinterest account you can start with the marketing of your product.

Create Pinterest Account


  • Completion of your profile

Once you are done creating a Pinterest account you need to complete your profile to start Pinterest marketing. For this, you need to fill in basic details and this can be done by getting to the profile icon. It is essential that you create a business page because you need to use Pinterest for product and brand promotion. This also includes adding 5 topics of your interest. It is better to describe yourself in a best possible way in your profile because this is the first thing which your customers will check about you on your Pinterest account. The better the info is, better will be your image among your customers. In this, you should never miss adding your website, logo etc.


  • Creation of boards

Pinterest is different from other platforms because it needs you to add boards. For this, you need to go to the board tab in your Pinterest profile. From here you can add different details about your boards which may include the name of the board and its category. With this, it is good to add a compelling description in a clear way so that you can easily explain to your users all about the board. Once you add a 20 character description you can start to pin to your boards for the promotion of your brand and products. It is possible to create any number of boards and pins on your Pinterest.

Create a Board on Pinterest

  • Start Pinning

Once you are done completing your account, you can use your Pinterest account for Pinterest marketing. It is the right time to start adding some pins in the easiest way. It is also possible to install Pinterest tabs on your browser for placing easy pins to your Pinterest account. It is your choice that in which particular board you place a pin. This pin can be anything about the product or the company which is used wisely for promotion purposes. One can continue to pin the same post again and again or may add up a new and unique pin for Pinterest marketing. It is also possible to pin affiliate links with Pinterest for direct promotion.


  • Analytic tracking

Once you have already started pinning on your Pinterest account you must keep a track over it every now and then. There are particular programs that Pinterest has which can be used for analytics tracking of your pinned posts. This can be analytics used to track the views received by Pins and the engagement to this pins and boards. With this, it is also possible to get information about the followers you have received. This will also let you know about those followers who are viewing your pins and seems to be interested in you. For effective Pinterest marketing, it is necessary that you have a track over your activities.

pinterest analytics

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

When you are about head promoting your products on Pinterest, you must have a perfect knowledge about using your Pinterest platform wisely and this is because Pinterest is different from other platforms to some aspect. Marketing on Pinterest is easy if users formulate a step by step Pinterest marketing strategy and wisely follow them. It gets easier to promote on Pinterest when you follow these strategies and some of them are:

Knowing Your Pinterest Marketing Goals

When you choose Pinterest for marketing your products online to potential customers, you must very well know what actually your marketing goals are. It is important that you clearly analyze that whether you are looking for only promotion with Pinterest or you need to bring actual sales leads conversion with this platform. This makes you clear that in which direction your strategies must be implemented. Pinterest is also used widely for increasing the share of market voice for a company. With the needs of the users, the plans and strategies may also change. With this, it is equally important to know that among which users you actually want to promote your product and what types of board you need to create.

Pinterest marketing goals


Adding a Save Button To Site

There are automatic buttons which can be added to the website. This can let Pinterest users share their details on their pages among their users. This will help you gain popularity among more and more users on Pinterest. When it is about Pinterest marketing you can add a Pinterest button and allow visitors coming to your website to pin your content easily.

Save button

Make Use of Newsletter

If you are unable to posts direct pins to users on Pinterest, it is better practice to reach your customer with the newsletter. When you have been using newsletter applications for quite a while from now and already have subscribers to it you can promote your latest pin among your newsletter subscribers. This will help you promote your pins with newsletter even if you are not in a mood to promote it directly on Pinterest or if direct pinned are unable to gather right users on your pins.


Add up a Call to Action to Pins

CTA’s as it is properly known is a common practice for Pinterest users. These are a good way to promote your brand. One can get and additional details with a Call to action feature in the pin description. This can be a read more button or a sign-up option. When you have added such buttons it helps you create a lead with Pinterest. This is because whenever any user will like your product and is interested in it he can simply click this CTA button to take further action of showing his interest or actually buying it. It is believed that calls to action pins are more likely to get enhanced customer engagement and also sometimes lead conversions.

Call to Action


Keep Posting Pins Again And Again

If you are really looking to gain followers over your Pinterest, you need to place your pins more often. This is because when you keep on posting pins more frequently users will know about you and will come to follow you. It is good to place a pin once a daily or even more than that. When you are pinning post quite frequently you surely need to manage them for better results. Try posting in a fixed interval rather than posting all at once. Decide the rotation and target to place a post on holidays and at peak times so that users can reach to your post easily. Queue it and schedule it for your users.

Pin With Image and Visual

When you really want to promote your posts in an attractive way using images and attractive visuals can be the best Pinterest marketing strategy that can look appealing and meaningful. There are plenty of images which you can choose as per your post or can create one of your own images to be pinned. Your image must be clear and well suited with your pinned post so that your users can very well understand what you actually want to convey them. This is a best practice and this can provide you a creative way to promote your product and establish a brand image among your customers on Pinterest.

pinterest marketing

Use Good Combination of Text and Background

Yes, factors like usage of text over the background, its size and images use matters while promotion on Pinterest. Other than the dimension of texts, it is also important to take care of the display property of the pins you are using on Pinterest. When one needs to make its pin look better, it is a wise decision to promote with plain black text over white background and if you are using colorful combinations it is better to dark text over light background so that user can easily understand your description. The same applies to use of an image. It is good to use light over dark so that its probability of reaching to customers increases.

Integration of Social Platforms

If you are commonly using other platforms like Facebook for your product promotion with your Pinterest promotion you can simply integrate the two platforms. With this, you can posts the same product description on both the platforms without much effort. By conjunction of the two platforms, you will be able to target more and more customers online. This will also save your time which you were prior spending posting separately on two platforms one after the other. Both Facebook and Pinterest have their own advantages when it comes to product promotion and by combining the two one can get the advantage of both the platforms.

social platform

Optimization of Pin for Pinterest

Just like other platforms, it is possible to optimize your pins to be discovered in search results. This is simple just like search engine optimization. For this, you need to research highly searched keywords of your segments and then you need to wisely include them in the Pin title, Pin description, and pin image file names. It is essential that you wisely include these keywords so that it does appear to be as keyword stuffing. When you have optimized the pin, it will start to appear in results for a searched query and better promotion can be ensured.

Pin it For Later

Using the pin it for later feature in your pin can also help you effectively in Pinterest marketing. Sometimes your potential customers are very busy with their personal stuff and they hardly get time to read your product description in such cases, when they will find a tag of pin it later, they can choose it to read it later. This is suitable in cases when users are actually interested in your type of product but do not actually have time to learn about it or buy it at the same time. In such cases, they will pin it for later and will get back to it whenever they get time thus it is a good practice to introduce pin it for later tag on your pinned post on Pinterest.

Know What Your Competitors Do

Finding what your competitors are doing on Pinterest can get tough when it is on Pinterest because there is no availability of search option on the Pinterest platform but it is possible to find boards of similar segments. There are ways to identify what is actually being done on such boards and why some of the pinned posts are receiving better presence among potential customers. You may also follow your competitors to learn about what they are posting on Pinterest and how active they are. Sometimes when you follow people on Pinterest they follow you back as well and this can be fruitful for you.


Use Rich Pins

Obviously, high-quality pins are more likely to get potential users than those normal looking pins and for such purposes Pinterest allows you to use rich pins. These pins are designed to enhance the experience of your users. When it is about Pinterest marketing you can use five types of rich pins and these can be article pins, product pins, recipe pins, movie pins and place pin. When you use rich pins you can also add it from your website and validate so that it looks genuine and users can trust your pinned posts. Moreover, when you use rich pins, validation is quite essential.

Make Use of Place Pin

Other than the general use of the rich pins, one can also use the place pin feature of Pinterest. The place pin let you target your local visitors meaningfully. When you are marketing products of some local business with Pinterest, its place pin can be really helpful. Place pins help you target users from a particular destination only so if you want your local customers to know about your company and your product, place pin of Pinterest can be really helpful for you. This helps you add your business address and also your direct phone numbers. With this, users can also add a map to the pinned post using the place pin feature of Pinterest.

Include the End Dates

Right when you are placing any product for sale or starting up a contest with your Pinterest pin you can specifically mention a date to it on which the offers will end. When you have an end date to any pin you can make it very clear to the user that if they do not take immediate actions they may lose the better offers. This is good because often people are busy in their work they commonly ignore pins to be tracked for a later period but they hardly get any time to return to it. When you have timely offers and prices you can make them take immediate actions without any ignorance. This is a good way for timely Pinterest marketing.


Include a Website

Pinterest users are more likely to trust your product if they know that you are loyal. When you add a website to your profile or with your pins you can make it very clear to your users that you are genuine and your product is original and real. This will help your customer build trust in you and they will be able to buy from you without any doubt. Pinterest can be a nice way to promote your company and business as well by adding a website. Once a user is not satisfied with the product details you have added he can simply click to your website link to know everything about you.


Learn to Socialize

Definitely, you are using Pinterest for product promotion and lead generation but you cannot forget that Pinterest is actually a social networking and thus success cannot be guaranteed until you know the right way to socialize on this platforms. You cannot simply post your pin and sit ideal, you need to be active enough to bring in followers to your board. For this, you can follow other users on Pinterest, like their pins and engage with users of your segment. Once you learn to socialize on Pinterest you will be able to bring more and more followers for you and surely this can be a great way for Pinterest marketing.


Include Price Tag

When you promote your product on Pinterest you not only get a space for targeting potential customers but you can also ensure lead generation and sales. When Pinterest users find your product useful and attractive they are also ready to buy it at the same moment of time. In such cases, it is a good practice to include the price of your product right when you are pinning its details which can help you sell your product on Pinterest. This is essential because users often decide to buy a product if they find it affordable and if they find the price suitable they can directly make the purchasing decision without much delay. Including the price tag can be a nice way to promote product sales.

price tag

Let Users Know About You

Pinterest users often wonder that even when they have a well managed and good looking profile why they do not get followers. This is because users on Pinterest hardly know about you. Just having a great profile or a great product cannot work; you need to actually work to let people know about your presence on Pinterest platforms. When you have remarkable presence users will know you and will seek interest in accessing your profile. Once they will check your profile on Pinterest they can also engage with you and your pins. Presence is important on Pinterest especially when you are focusing on Pinterest marketing.

write about

Head Ahead With Multiple Products

Sometimes promoting only a single product on Pinterest cannot help you ensure a better profit. In such cases, you may try to feature more than one product with your Pinterest platforms. When people get a variety they are more likely to show interest in your products. In case you are unable to bring sales for a particular product, you can target to bring leads for another product. More features product can contribute to more users on Pinterest. One can target to feature multiple complementary products of the similar category. It is also a good practice to show multiple uses of a single product if you are not in a mood to promote more than one product at a moment this can also look appealing to your customers.

multiple products

Pinterest Let You Add Keywords

Adding the keywords to your promoted pins can help you target your potential customers in a meaningful way on Pinterest. Pinterest let you add any number of relevant keywords to a promoted pin such that you can decide whom you want to actually view your pin. It is important to ensure here that you use right category keywords so that you don’t promote it among wrong customers. The best part of using keywords with Pinterest is that they are not actually listed with the promoted pin for the users but this can be used on the backend to set targeting criteria. Choose wisely only those keywords for your pins with which you need to do a fruitful Pinterest marketing. It is important that you add keywords after proper research. You can use various keyword research tools to find the best keywords.

add keywords

Include How to Use

If you are selling any product you need to be very careful to explain to users about its use. It is only when they know the purpose of buying a product they will actually buy it. This can be easily explains using pictures and image step by step description of how to use a product. When you can convey well the importance of buying any product, it is sure that users will feel the need for the product which will make them buy your product. Often when users promote products on Pinterest they also include necessary do’s and don’ts about the product and also all other essential information about the products which are beneficial for users to know.

user guide

Be Active

When it is all about Pinterest marketing you cannot guarantee success by just pinning the description of your product. You need to be active in a manner that what is all happening on several boards across Pinterest. Other than continuous post of your pins you should check what other Pinterest members of the similar segments are doing. If you find something interesting you can practice the same on your pins to attract your customers in a better way. Keep checking what is being actively pinned on these platforms and try to be popular. It is also important to target getting more and more followers so that you can reach more customers on Pinterest.

Be Interactive and Interesting

You cannot guarantee to target potential customer with those old and dull pins. It is very essential that you maintain to be interesting and appealing to your customers online which can help you actually promote them to purchase your product. To make a post attractive you can ensure user engagement by posting a quiz or some interactive posts. Surely when they will engage in your post they will slowly start to show their interest in you and then your final goal of lead conversion can be easily achieved. Often Pinterest users start a contest or involve other followers in games etc. they also announce prizes for making it more interesting. Pinterest is also a good way to promote the latest offers related to your product which can make users buy your product.


Try Using Paid Pinterest Ads Option

Pinterest also lets you share your pins with promoted pin features. This will help you in Pinterest marketing because it can actually make your pin reach to more and more people. Promoted pins can provide a great exposure to the pinned posts and results can be far beyond the expectation. Paid Pinterest options are a great way to reach to potential customers so that lead generations can be guaranteed. This is good for those users who are ready to promote their product with paid features of Pinterest. It is possible to place your promoted pins with the word “promoted” used at the below, which will make it very clear for users that someone has actually paid for the ads.

Have Space for Analyses

While you are habitual posting pins with your Pinterest you normally forget that for formulating a fruitful Pinterest marketing plan it is equally essential to keep a track over your posts and activities. Analyzing what you are actually doing on your Pinterest platform is also very essential without which you cannot guarantee success. When you actually need to achieve success find out what actually is good for you and what is not working this will help you bring positive changes in your strategies and you will start to move towards the enhancement of your performance. Analyzing and bringing changes is the most important part of marketing.



There are varieties of techniques and strategies that can be used for an effective Pinterest marketing and this is particularly your choice as a Pinterest user that which one you choose for the right promotion of your product. The most important is to formulate strategies prior so that you can move ahead with the same for ensuring sales and conversions. Among all strategies, one of the best Pinterest marketing strategies is connecting and engaging your real customers to your pins and making it so interesting such that they compel to buy your product without any doubt. The only way to measure your hard work over Pinterest is by achieving success which is easy to track with Pinterest.

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