Best SEO tools that will help you to rank higher in 2020

SEO is a known term for those who are involved in the online marketing and digital advertising. For every business on the platform of the internet, it is imperative to have listing on the search engine. Now the listing only cannot help to fetch the inquiries from the search engine as the site of the business needs to be on the top of the page. As every business has its site, one cannot easily be on the top of the list unless it has efficient SEO expert. For effective search engine optimization, one needs to use some of the SEO tools that can match the requirement of the search engine and advance the rank of the site.

Best SEO Tools

Here are some of the known SEO tools provided that can be of immense help to the search engine optimizer also.


For the effective SEO proper keyword is the key to rank the site. The KWFinder is one of the leading SEO tools that help the user to have an accurate keyword that can drive the traffic from the search engine to the site of the client. It also helps to have the keyword used by the competitor and thus beat him in the site ranking. From the website analysis point of view also a right keyword matters a lot. It is also known as the most used tool among the SEO professional across the industry. For those professionals who struggle with the findings of keywords also this is the right tool to go for.



It is another name of most used SEO tools in the market. It helps the user to have proper site exploration and website analysis as well as a content exploration that can drive the site to the top of the list. Due to its capacity of research only it is more in demand by the professional SEOs. From the SEO checker point of view also this tool has all the required features that prove much useful to the professional SEO.  Due to the quality work it offers, there are lots of professionals who rely on the data of this tool more than any other in the market.


Google PageSpeed Insights

This beautiful tool from the tech giant Google can also help one know how the site performs on various devices such as a computer, tablet and a smartphone. It checks the time for loading the page, keywords, and performance. Not only that, it also shows the areas where one needs to improve as it offers the score on user experience as well as font size and taps required. Hence among the leading SEO tools, one cannot dare to ignore this tool. The makers also strive hard to add more features that can help the SEO professionals have better site and content that can help to have better rankings. Due to its features and utility only is it one of the preferred tools for the SEO professionals across the globe.

Google PageSpeed Insights


For those who need something more than the SEO tools, this is the right tool as it offers the competitor research as well as the keyword. Hence for the PPC and online marketing professionals, this tool is nothing less than a blessing. With the help of this high-end tool, one can find the best backlink, best content and even the best keyword. From the website analysis point of view, all these three areas must be tapped accurately, and the same is offered by this tool. Hence in the case, one wants to make changes in the site, this tool can be of ample use as one can check the data, analyze and go for changes according to the requirement.


Moz Local

It is a tool that checks the data from different sources and presents it in a form that can help one to have effective website analysis from various points of views. It fetches data from various social sites which can help one know what the competitor is getting as leads and which all keywords he targets. Hence one can take necessary actions according to findings from the data.  For the experts of the analysis, there is no better tool than this one that can offer accurate data to analyze and form a new strategy.

Moz Local


It is a browser extension available without paying any charge. As an SEO checker, it offers some of the useful data such as Google rank of the site, SEM Rush rank, Webarchive page and Alexa rank. Due to its various data and effective analysis as well as no cost only it has got on the list of top SEO tools. Hence for the web analysts, this is the most useful tool to rely on the data.


Google Analytics

It is known as one of the best and most used SEO tools in the market. It offers the data such as the performance of the site on Google, its ranking and shows if the required modification was enough to enhance the ranking or not. Google Analytics is simple to use as you need to enter the code in the header area of the site and the job is done. For those who want to improve the ranking, this tool must be checked before making any changes in the site and strategy.

Google Analytics

Among the top SEO tools in the market, one must add the name of this tool also due to its support to find the right keyword. As all know that the whole game of search engine revolves around the keyword, this tool helps to find an accurate keyword with the help of which one can develop quality content and enhance the ranking of the site which is the ultimate motive of the whole exercise. The tool helps to have the relevant keywords that can boost the visibility and hence inquiries from the potential buyers.


Google Search Console

Probably without using this tool one cannot increase the ranking on the Google search engine. It offers a number of services as with the help of the same one can index the site on Google search engine, keep watch on crawl errors, ask for re-indexing of current pages and upload the sitemap. Hence from the SEO point of view, one can do a lot of things with the help of this SEO tool.

Google Webmaster

Bing Webmaster tools

Among the leading search engines, the name of the Bing is also there with Google. This webmaster tool helps the user know the situation of his site on the search engine and take necessary actions. It helps to have the website analysis, errors, and reports from which one can decipher a lot about his website and take actions to correct it.

Bing Webmaster

Open Site Explorer

In the process of search engine optimization, the backlinks also play a pivotal role. With the support of this tool, one can find a range of links that can help one to know his most powerful link and links of the competitors also.

Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is one of the SEO tools that can help one to get accurate or near to accurate keywords for the content.  As it is a fact that only right keyword can help one get the right content that can fetch organic traffic and only organic traffic can boost the business. Hence for those who want to have the help of SEO checker in terms of the required keyword, this is the perfect tool.

This tool helps one to know the efficiency or effect of a keyword that was targeted. When you enter any keyword, the tool then provides all the data related to the concerned keyword such as how many times it got hit, other competitor keywords which got more or less volume, and some nearby keywords which can be helpful to the user.

Google Keyword Planner

Quicksprout Website Analyzer

For those who want complete website analysis with one tool, there can be no better option than the Quickspout. It offers thorough analysis such as speed, links, comparison with the competitor, tags, keywords and SEO optimization. As per the experts, this is the tool that can consider as the complete one for all the requirements from an SEO point of view.

Quicksprout website analyzer

Similar Web

For those who want to keep an eye on the site and business of the competitor also, this is the best tool that can help to compare the site and go for website analysis. With the help of such an analysis, one can get to know what all actions he required to take to have a lead in the competition as well as the market.  For a new business that needs to have a foothold in the market, this tool can help as a torchbearer and drive the SEO in the right direction.

Similar Web


It is a most useful tool when it comes to the inspection of one’s site from the viewpoint of the search engine. It helps one know how the site looks on the search engine and what all one has provided on the site which can be responsible for driving or not driving required traffic. From the website analysis point of view, it can be considered as one of the most useful tools.  This is the tool that can help to introspect the site and with the help of other tools can be compared with competitors to make the site effective and better. Hence if the SEO checks this tool regularly for the site owner, it can be of tremendous help.

SEO Site Checkup

This tool helps to know what all the elements are there on the site which are useful or of no use. It also helps to know if one has got the tags rightly and there any error that might be holding the site back. Hence for those who are not able to increase the rank despite all efforts, this tool must be used to know where they have mistaken. For the checking of errors, this is known as the most effective tool.

SEO sitecheckup


This tool helps one to know which platforms the site was searched and checked. It also offers the ranks as per the listing provided on commercial and social sites. Hence for regular checking and analyzing the data, this is the most useful tool available on the internet.


Broken Link Checker

In many cases, the site is disrupted or the content is not available due to the broken links which one may not come to know. In case of consistent error, one needs to check with this tool which can help to find the broken link. Once it is tracked, one can find it and have right link to display the content accurately.  For those who go for more use of links, this tool cannot be ignored.

Broken link checker

Microsoft Free SEO toolkit

It is a highly useful tool from the technocrats group Microsoft. This tool combined with various tools, and hence one can perform a number of tasks with the help of it. It can offer recommendations for better quality content, SEO-Friendly content, and a lot of other analysis of the sites. However, this tool is useful for the windows system only.  From the home this market leader in the world of technology, this is known as a complete tool.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit


Considering the whole discussion and checking of qualities of various tools, one can say that it all depends on the user what strategy he wants to form and use any of the tools mentioned above accordingly. Each of these tools has own benefits for the user, and hence one can rely on the data and analysis offered by it for the ranking, backlinking, use of keyword and indexing as well as a ranking of the site on known search engines.

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