Top 20 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

You have been using common social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for years now but do you know that social networking sites are not limited to these two.

When I will ask you to add a few more into the social media list you would say Twitter and LinkedIn but still, there are so many to the list which you can join and enjoy an amazing social networking experience with your friends worldwide.

Social media has been a famous gateway for connectivity and it is also widely used for promotion of brands by companies thus sometimes it becomes essential to know what all social networking platforms can be helpful for you.

What are social websites?

Social websites are created with a motive to establish social networking online. This is a place where people commonly establish their social relationships online with friends, family, employees and other people of interest.

Social networking sites connect people who somehow share their personal and carrier interest with each other. This is always looked upon by those online users who are looking to connect with each other by any means. It is often also used by companies to connect with their prospective customers online.

In general, social network services are the web-based applications that let the user enjoy social networking services. There are plenty of social networking sites used widely online but it is a good practice to get listed only on Top Social Networking sites for establishing better connectivity with your friends online.

Below I’m sharing social media sites list that are used by millions of people these days.

Here is The List of Top 20 Best Social Networking Sites


Facebook is one of the famous and most widely used social networking sites present today. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users and this is because of its user-oriented and coolest features. Exist since 2004; Facebook has managed to be a leading social media platform for last 14 years. This makes to be the best medium to connect with people all around and it is also used by business for advertising and promotional purposes. Other than enhanced networking services, it also provides other entertainment services for its users and this makes Facebook everyone’s favorite.


Started on 21st March 2006, Twitter is a suitable social media site for people who can convey their feelings with short messages only in 140 character post. It is a social media platform that has more than 300 million active monthly users. With this, it is used widely by businesses to connect with their prospective clients. Twitter let user share attractive multimedia messages and thus is also used for promotional purposes. One can posts status, answer questions, release latest news and update about the company and much more.


LinkedIn is one among the Top Social Networking sites used by professionals. The profiles on LinkedIn are more like a well managed, professional resume that can be used for references for work purposes. LinkedIn connections are used for carrier advancements and official connectivity. It is available in about 24 languages and is used widely by 400 million registered users. Since 2003, LinkedIn is a widely used professional networking site. A LinkedIn profile is often seen by companies to confirm the authenticity of an individual.


Everyone very well knows YouTube because it is a famous video sharing social platform. This largest video-based social media site started on February 14th, 2005 and since then it is a popular platform where users enjoy video-based content from all segments. It was started by PayPal employees but now it is owned by Google. It receives more than 1 billion visitors per month. YouTube is more like a search engine for video results and it also lets users share their own videos as well.


10 Best Free YouTube Alternatives


Pinterest is another most popular social media site that was started in 2010. It has about 10 million monthly unique visitors of which half are females and thus it is a good place for business firms that are looking to target women clients. Pinterest is amazing pin board style platform that let user pin their content. Pinterest can be said as a digital bulletin social media platform that can be best to post useful resources and images online. In recent days it is a major player in social networking that is flooded with useful resources.


Instagram is again listed in top Social Networking sites because it has more than 400 million active users. It is actually a visual social media platform owned by Facebook which let user share their images and videos related to travel, fashion, food and almost anything which they love. It is a common advertising platform used by famous brands who can grow their popularity by posting photos with unique filter options and for this, it also supports amazing video and photo editing features. Instagram was launched in 2010.


Tumblr is difficult yet interesting social platform that is common among youth and teenager. Founded in 2007 by David Karp, it soon became crucial and important social networking sites. The platform lets users post in different formats and styles. It supports a unique feature of re-blogging. One can post good contents on Tumblr and wait for it to get pushed away to reach as far as possible. Tumblr provides a dashboard to every user from where they can see their posts updates.


Reddit is the only known social networking site which helps user promote and share their links. It holds a strong community of people who share a common thought with each other. This is a great place for social news sharing. Registered users can share contents and text posts on Reddit and get positive votes on it. The better votes your post get, it will start to appear on top of the relevant category. Started in 2005, it now has more than 36 million registered accounts and about 231million monthly visitors.


It is more like a messenger application than being a social media site. It is a suitable cross-platform, instant chat service available to be used widely on tablets and Smartphone. Whatsapp let user share images, text, documents, gif, video messages etc. Launched in 2010, it is now an application of Facebook that has more than 1 billion people connected to it. This helps establish a perfect platform for social connectivity with friends online.


VK is among the Top Social Networking sites and this is popular among users in Russia. Being the most famous social media website in Russia, it is equally popular in other parts of the world as well. VK gets more than 50 million unique visitors in a month on an average. It let you share photos and videos online and with VK, you may also enjoy easier social networking experience. VK is also often used for marketing and promotional purposes because it let the user create their own business page. This also lets share third-party content online.


Digg is a famous social media site that is famous for its story submission and voting system. It enables users to get a track of managed and curate stories to read. It includes current trending updates from all segments including science, political issues, internet news etc. Digg was started in 2004 and now is a famous website for reading social news which let user vote for their favorite news and the highest received stories are ranked on top for its users.


Xing is one of the important social networking sites for professionals because it establishes a successful network for profiles sharing. It is a European based site which was started in 2003. Xing is more a career-oriented social platform that let users connect with professionals. With Xing, it is possible to join groups, forums, and communities of a relevant segment to find a suitable employee or a position in the recognized firm. Xing has both free and paid membership version.


Snapchat is a messaging service that let users share their images and short videos in the form of messages. It is a particularly a mobile-based application that enables the exchange of snaps easily with your friends. It is different from other social networking platforms because the images shared automatically disappear within seconds, once it is viewed. Snapchat was started in 2015 and now has 100 million daily active users.


It is a famous social media site that let users share blogs, profiles, messages with other users online and with this, it also allows users to create their own blogs to share their content on the web and let create and add profiles.  Skyrock started in 2002 as a blogging site but later it was launched as a full-fledged social sharing platform. It is a famous site among its users and has more than 25 million visitors. It is basically French networking web space which is now available in other countries as well.


With LiveJournal users can share stories related to their life and can suggest advice and ideas to friends online. It is a unique place which let people enjoy an exchange of their ideas. It is among the top Social Networking sites where a registered member can maintain their blog, journal, and dairy. LiveJournal let users enjoy restricted viewing choices and it has both free and paid account registration services. LiveJournal started in 1999 that is now an online journal site famous among its users.


Flickr is among famous social networking sites, provided by Yahoo. It is a photo sharing site that let people share photos and images with friends. By providing the feature of photo editing, it makes to be the best place for showing your photography skills. Flickr comes with powerful mobile functionalities and thus users can enjoy it on their mobile devices as well. Flickr supports more than 1000 Gb free photo upload facility. One can create albums or can share single photos with Flickr and it is also possible to edit them before uploading.


Quora is basically a question-answer based social networking site that let users ask question and answer to an existing thread. On Quora, users can ask, answer, edit and suggest questions and answers. It let people join communities of relevant segments to share and gain knowledge. Quora is famous among its users because it is well-organized network maintained by registered users and thus it ensures providing quality answers for each question. Started in 2010, it now has 190 million monthly visitors.


Viber is an easy to use, instant messaging application that is commonly available for mobile devices. It is VoIP that is Voice over IP that let user share audio, video, and images online. Viber also lets users exchange instant chat messages and text while on the go. Started in 2010, Viber now has 600 million registered users and 230 monthly active users. It supports cross compatibility and suitable to run on all types of mobile devices for windows, macOS, android and IOS etc.


WeChat is a common messaging and social media network of China which is widely used in other parts of the world as well. It is a multipurpose application that let users enjoy services like gaming, money transfer, chatting, video calling, news reading, booking an appointments and much more. We Chat was started in 2011 and now has more than 1 billion monthly active users and now it is a useful mobile application which supports cross-compatibility.  It is a famous social platform that let user establish connectivity with friends online.


Social media platforms are great if they are used wisely by its users. Social websites provide a great way to establish connectivity with friends and colleagues online. With this, these networking platforms also open various opportunities for its users. The social media list is very long and it is particularly your choice which site you prefer for your social networking needs but it sure that if you use these sites wisely it can help you enjoy various online opportunities.

Moreover, handling all the social media networks is not that easy so you need to use the tools that are made especially to manage various social media accounts at one place. Here is the link to some of the most popular social media management tools. Just go through this link and find the tool which suits best to your requirement.

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