Most Effective Ways to get indexed Faster By Google

Do you have a website or page that is not appearing in the Google search results? Do you want to get indexed faster by Google?

Then this post is for you. Here I’m going to share my best techniques to get indexed faster by Google.

First of all, let’s find why indexing is required.

Indexing helps your website to appear on the search engine result pages. If your website or posts are not indexed by Google, then you cannot get any organic traffic as your website will not be appearing in the search engine results.

If you still not understand what does indexing means, then I have a very simple definition of Indexing for you.

Indexing is the process of submitting a website or page to the database of a search engine so that users of that search engine can find your website“.

From this, it is clear that if your website is not appearing in search results, you cannot get organic traffic that is essential to build the reputation of your brand or website. Make sense?

So, let’s find out the techniques which I use to get indexed faster by Google.

I have 2 techniques for you that you can use to get Google to crawl your site faster.

Here Are The Techniques To Get Indexed Faster by Google

  1. First one is by using the fetching feature of the Google Webmaster Tool and,
  2. And the second is: using “addurl” option in the search engine.

In my opinion, the first one is the best. I recently published a post about “10 simplest ways to improve click through rate” and tried this technique for the first time. The results were just amazing. As soon as I used “fetch as Google” option in webmaster, my post appeared just after a minute or two. That’s the reason of writing a post on this as I want all of you to know about this feature of Google webmaster.

Let’s get started with the first technique which worked for me very well.

To use this technique you must have an account on Google Webmaster and if you don’t have just create one and submit your website there. You need to verify to the webmaster that the URL you entered is of your own website. To verify you just need to paste the code to your website that they will provide you. If you don’t understand how to do it, you can check this guide to using webmaster.

Now when you have submitted your website to Google next you need to generate a sitemap. There are many sites that can generate a sitemap for you. Just download the file from there and upload to your website. Remember, a sitemap is very crucial if you want to index faster.

Now, you are all set to use the best and proven technique to get indexed faster by Google.
  • After signing in to Webmaster, all you need is to find the “Crawl” option on the left side.
  • Next, find and click “fetch as Google”
  • A box will open. Just paste there the URL which you want Google to Crawl. Make sure you enter the URL correctly. I mean, you only need to paste the URL after the domain URL. For example, if you are submitting a URL of a page, let say the URL is “”, in this case, you don’t need to paste the entire URL. Just copy “negative-seo” and paste there as the other half of the URL is already there.
  • After that click, the Fetch Button now click on the “Submit to Index” button.
  • A pop-up will open. Check “crawl this URL and its direct links and submit.
  • Just after few minutes, your URL will appear in the Google search results.

Here is the video that I made just after publishing this post. You can check here after publishing my post get indexed by Google in less than 1 minute.

The Addurl Method

Now let’s find the second method.

This method to get indexed by Google is very simple. All you need to do is just search Google for “addurl to Google” or “Submit URL to Google” and click on the first link or click here

Submit url to Google

Next, paste your entire URL in the box that’s appearing front of you. And after that solve the captcha and click “Submit Request”.

That’s it, a message will appear saying “we have received your request and it will be processed shortly”. This method takes up to 2 days to get your URL crawled. So, I prefer you to choose the first method.

addurl to google

What to do if your URLs still not indexed

If by chance your URL is not get indexed in few minutes by using the first method, then you can use the second method too or for the next time, you can use the second method first and then the first method.

When I got the result I used the second method and then the first method for the same URL and got crawled by Google in just 1 minute. Yes, that’s true, in just 1 minute.

How to Check Indexed Pages

After using these methods, check Google index status by copying that URL and pasting that in You will find that your URL is appearing in search results.

Also, if you are unsure that which pages of your website or blog are crawled by Google and which are not, you can use Google Index Checker tool to find that.


You can search the Google “”. Google will show you all the indexed pages of your website with this. For example, if I need to find the indexed pages of my website I will search It is the best method to check the indexed pages.

Indexed Pages

How to get Google to crawl your links that are in other websites faster?

Above mentioned ways are to get your website indexed faster by Google. Now, below I’m sharing the information about how can you index your links that are on other websites.

So, if you have done a lot of Guest posting and your backlinks are not increasing, then follow these steps to get that indexed too.

The ways I use to do this is, I use a different Gmail id and use the same method that I mentioned before. The “addurl to Google” method. This is the best way to get your backlinks crawled by Google.

Moreover, there is plenty of more ways to do so and here are some few of them:

Using Social Bookmarking Sites

You can use social bookmarking sites to get you links crawled faster. All you need to do is just search for some high Domain Authority bookmarking websites and submit that URL there from where you got a link. Within few days, your link in that post will be crawled by the Google and other search engines.

Social Networks

You can use the social platforms to get crawled faster. All you need to do is just share your link on the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, and many more.

Using Ping Sites

These are free indexing sites that help you to get indexed faster by Google and other search engines easily. All you need to do is just open these websites and paste there your URL with Title and these websites will submit your URL to different search engines and directories etc.

These methods work for me and I hope it works for you too. Just follow these steps and boost your rankings by indexing faster. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to ask. I will appreciate your feedback.

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