Who Viewed My Instagram Profile Online? Best Methods to Check

Who Viewed My Instagram? I’ve seen many people  who are very curious to know that who is vieweing their Instagram profile. So, that is the reason I came up with this post.

As we all know that Instagram is an amazing social media platform that connects users from all around the world. Surely you have been using Instagram for quite a while from now.

Can I see who views my Instagram posts?

As I said above, officially, Instagram never allows users to keep a track over stalkers who are viewing your Instagram profile but there are several ways with which you can actually know who stalks my Instagram profile online.

How to know who stalks my Instagram?

Older common social media platforms have no ways to find out Who Viewed My Profile but developers really worked to introduce this effective feature on Instagram. There are many ways with which one can actually know who stalks his Instagram profile, posts, and stories. You can download easy available software and application, which can help you know actual stalkers to your profiles and some of the effective applications, can be:


Instaview is a popular app available for users using Instagram on IOS devices. It is an IOS application that helps you know Who Viewed your Instagram It is a trustworthy application that let you know actual Instagram stalkers right on your IOS devices. This can help you track recent 200 views that you have received on your Instagram profile. This app has a good rating and is widely used by Instagram users.


Follower Insight App

Follower Insight App is a useful Instagram views app that carefully tracks all the views on your Instagram account and let you know every possible detail about your visitors. With this app, you can know stalkers following you, users who un-follow you or blocked you on Instagram. This is a smart app and is ok to be used on smartphones. It can immediately let you know when someone blocks you or un-follows you on Instagram. This app comes in user-friendly interphase which let you know about all the activities of your visitors and friends.

Followers Insight for Instagram

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Once you are up to use this app, you can simply understand how this works because it is quite easy to use. After installation it simply starts to collect your Instagram data, once the complete data about the number of visitors are collected, it performs some of the automatic calculation based on its own algorithm. Now after perfect analysis, it will return a result with which you can know exactly the most interested users that like your posts, images, and stories. With this app, one can also know how many users frequently visit profile to the most.

Who viewed my instagra profile app


Instamutual app is a specialized app with which user can effectively know that who have tracked Instagram profile and who viewed my Instagram story. It is an app available to be downloaded on IOS platforms. It is different than other apps in a manner that it helps you keep a track over all the visitors 24/7. The apps come with user-friendly approaches and thus it is easy to use. It helps you keep track over those visitors which are regularly visiting your profiles.


SocialPlus app

SocialPlus app is easy to download and easy to use application that let you know about your stalkers on your Instagram profile. It is trusted for its 100 % accurate results that can help you know who blocked you and never unblocked you back and those users who have un-follow you on Instagram. It is easy to download and it is famous because it provides exact results. This is equally good to get awareness about those users who have specially viewed your Instagram pictures and one who is frequently visiting your profile most of the times.

SocialPlus app for Instagram

Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile app

This is quite simple to download and once downloaded it automatically starts to work with best efforts. It has its own way of collecting your Instagram related data and information about your visitors and it helps you keep a track over the number of stalkers over your profile. The app has its automatic algorithms, which are best to return relevant information about your profile, stories, and posts. With this, you can know the most interested visitors on Instagram who are actually interested in your images and stories.

Who stalks my instagram


InstaTrack is the best app for Instagram visitors’ analytics tracking. It helps users know Who Viewed My Instagram It is a powerful tool that helps get deep insight about the visitors over a profile, post or stories. Instatrack is constant in bringing latest features over its application for all Instagram users with its every update. It provides an amazing way to track new followers or un-followers and those followers who didn’t follow you back or whom you forget to follow.

instatrack for instagram

Who Viewed My IG Insta Profile app

This is an Instagram stalker app that let you collect the information about stalkers over Instagram profiles. It then manages everything in a form of reports. These reports have information related to followers who are interested in your posts and are highly engaged to them. This app comes with easy interphase which makes it easy and simple to use. It is equally suitable for new users who have just joined Instagram. It works very fast and helps you track stalkers and followers on Instagram.

Who viewed my IG insta Profile

Views For Instagram app

When you are looking for enhanced details about your stalkers this can be the best app for Instagram. Views For Instagram app helps you know everything about your viewers and stalkers. This instagram stalkers free online app supports good user interphase. With this app, one can manage and track Instagram regularly. This will also help you formulate reports about your viewers so that you can wisely manage your stories and images.

Views for Instagram app

Visitor Pro (ROM games)

Visitor Pro by ROM games is a useful app when you need to know that Who Viewed My Instagram. It has good rankings on app stores and this popularity has helped it gain overall rating of 4.3 stars. This makes it very clear that it is one of the finest apps for knowing about visitors on Instagram profiles. With good reviews, it is also famous for its user-friendly approaches. It is often updated by the company and each time they bring new and advance features to this app. This app provides ways to get accurate Instagram visitors results. It undergoes with a fast update and in each update, it fixes any bug that was present so that its users can enjoy problem-free access.

Visitor Pro for Instagram

SocialView for Instagram (MobileArtsLLC)

SocialView for Instagram by MobileArtsLLC is a nice app when you need to know the exact number of views you are getting on your Instagram platforms. It works well and has received the overall rating of 2.5 stars which is because of the ads feature it provides. If you neglect the ads over this app, it works best to find overall views over your Instagram profile. The overall performance of this app is better than other apps and it works great for tracking social views.

Social views for Instagram

What can your stalkers tell about you?

Yes, of course, Instagram helps you know Who Viewed My Instagram and this is essential because the number of stalkers on your Instagram profile or stories helps you know how popular you are on platforms like Instagram. When you have more guests, visitors or stalkers on your profile, this is a clear indication that many users are trying to find you on Instagram which is good for you and your image on the social media platform.

Why know Who Viewed My Instagram?

Even though several existing social media platform had never provided this feature of viewing who stalks my profile but with the help of some apps its users can know who all are actually viewing its Instagram account and there are several reasons why knowing this becomes quite essential and among them, some of the common and obvious reasons are:

  1. It is helpful to analyze that among which users you are famous and this is only possible when you know Who Viewed My Instagram.
  2. It helps you know your users who are viewing you and also let you block those among which you do not want your profile to be shown.
  3. This feature is equally essential for companies or marketers to know and target deserving clients via Instagram.


Instagram is an essential platform that let you share photos online. When you are sharing your photos and posts to everyone online on the Instagram account you especially need to know that who stalks my Instagram profile online because you will never want anyone suspicious to view your profile. Instagram let you know who viewed you and also let you know your real Instagram fans. When you know Who Viewed My Instagram profile online free, you can manage your privacy and security online on the Instagram account. If you really want to enjoy these features simply download some of the essential and useful applications available online.


There are so many applications that can be downloaded to know about your Instagram visitors but you must remember that among so many options you only choose genuine and reliable applications. This is because some of the unknown apps that ask you to add password manually can be suspicious and they ask for your password for inappropriate purposes. They collect password to trick users and then your account may get under online scams. Be careful when you use tools and application for such purposes.

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47 thoughts on “Who Viewed My Instagram Profile Online? Best Methods to Check

  1. These are all really good apps perfect to track who are our best followers as well so we can give them extra love!

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  9. Thanks for sharing this useful list, gonna check all out as I always curious too who actually viewed my IG postings 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. The apps are a good suggestion but I am not sure how much it will work. Even instagrams new update is giving an option to see who checked your profile. I updated it today

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  14. Informative article…in this age if social networking therevwill be followers and there will be stalkers …just take precautions and carry on…

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  20. Although useful information, a part of me isn’t sure if I’d want to know who was viewing my profile. LOL. I have it set to private, hopefully that keeps the creepers at bay.

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