Doing YouTube SEO The Right Way (Tested Techniques)

Getting your videos to the top in YouTube is not so easy. It requires plenty of efforts and techniques to dominate the results. Here you will be finding the best YouTube SEO hacks that will help you to rank higher.

Starting a YouTube Channel is very easy. All you need to do is just make a video in a niche that you are good at and upload it to YouTube. Most of the people wait for the magic to happen and think they have made a great video and they don’t need to do anything.

Well, do you think making a great video is enough to rank? Obviously not.

Making best videos of your niche is not just enough. There are many more things that you need to do and this is the post where you will find everything about the Youtube SEO tricks.

What is the meaning of Youtube SEO?

Optimizing your videos according to the requirements of the Youtube search feature is known as YouTube SEO. There are some factors that YouTube consider to rank a video. These include setting the title of the video in such a way that it includes your main keyword. A keyword is your main search term that describes your video or the content of your video. If you haven’t mentioned the content of the video in your Title, chances are very low for you to rank.

Also, with this, you need to provide a description of your video and the longer the description, the higher the rankings. Here, one more thing is to consider is “Add your keyword and alternatives to your keywords in the Description”. This helps YouTube to understand what is your video all about. With that, there is an option to add the tags, add all relevant tags according to your video.

So, doing all these things is known as YouTube SEO.

Without further due, let’s start and understand how to optimize your video.

The first thing I’m sharing here is the most important part of this Youtube SEO tutorial It is the Keyword Research.

Before knowing how to do keyword research for YouTube Video, let’s find out the need for keyword research.


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Importance of Keyword Research in YouTube SEO

Keyword research is an integral part of YouTube SEO as it allows you to find the keywords that have very high search volume and let you know about the competition of any keyword. If you don’t do keyword research, there will be only one person who will be viewing your video and that person is you. The bottom line is, to get started with YouTube SEO guide you need to do keyword research.

Hope you understand the importance of keyword research. Now let’s move on to “How to do keyword research for YouTube SEO”?

There are two most popular methods that can be used for it. Here are they
  • YouTube Search Method and,
  • UberSuggest (YouTube SEO Tool)

Before applying these methods, you need to create of list of your ideas of the keywords.

Now, open YouTube and type that keyword in the search box.

Here you will find that when you type any keyword in the YouTube search box, YouTube shows you many related keywords. Believe me, all these related keywords are best as these are the keywords that people search on YouTube. You can use any or all of these keywords.

If you want to use any tool to find the Keywords for YouTube videos, then UberSuggest is the best in my opinion.

youtube search

How to Use UberSuggest for Keyword Research

Just go to the Ubersuggest and type your keyword in the search box. Now before hitting enter, change from “Web” to “YouTube” next to search box. After press enter and you will find a massive list of some of the best keywords.

If you find the keywords are not much similar to yours, then you can use the filter option. Just enter your focused words there and click Go. That’s it. You have the keyword ideas for your video.


Now, you have plenty of keyword ideas.

Next thing you need to do is just check out the competition for each keyword. This step is very crucial as if you choose the keyword that has very high competition then you cannot rank that keyword easily especially when your channel is new.

So, I suggest you try the keywords that have low competition.

But, how to check the competition?

Well, that’s very simple. Just search for your keywords one by one and keep noticing the “About results”.

Higher the number of results, more the competition. So try your keywords one by one and find the keyword that has low “about result” numbers.

Now, when you are done with keyword research, next make an awesome video on that keyword. Make sure your video is interesting as otherwise, users will not show any interest in watching that video. According to YouTube, the higher the Audience Retention, the more are the chances to get to the top.

By the Way, what’s Audience Retention?

If you are not familiar with this term, here is a simple example of audience retention.

“Audience retention is the amount of your video that people watch”

For example, if you uploaded a video of about 6 minutes and people watched this for 3 minutes, then your Audience Retention is 50%.

So, to get that first spot in results, you need to make videos that are not boring for people.

How to make Videos that have High Retention?

To rank higher in search results, you need people to stick to your video till the end. This is not easy but by applying these few techniques you can stick your audience.

  • First of all, when you start your video give your audience an idea of what they will be finding in your video.
  • Next, give them a proof like you have applied this technique and found some interesting results.
  • Again, tell something more about the video why they should watch this.
  • Last, offer them a bonus tip if they watch the video till the end.

These four steps are enough for getting your audience engaged with you.

After making an engaging video, you need to work on optimization of your video.

Also at the end of video ask your audience to like, share, comment and subscribe as it will increase the engagement of your video and YouTube will think that your video is doing well and you will get higher rankings.

There is one more thing that you should keep in mind and that is the length of the video. Longer videos always get better results, so try to make the longer videoes.

YouTube Video Optimization

Here are the few steps that you need to follow to Optimize YouTube Video.

Title of Video

This is the first step that you need to do. Make a catchy title for your video. Remember to add your keyword in your title as otherwise there is no chance of appearing in search results for your keyword.

If you want to get the higher rankings easily, add your keyword at the start of your title. Videos that have the keyword in the starting of the title always rank higher on YouTube.

Create a Long Description

Most of the people don’t care about this but long description plays a vital role in rankings. All the videos that are at the first place have a very long description. Making a description about 300 words long enhances your chances to dominate the results. So, don’t go with a short description if you really want to get the first place. If you have any blog post that is related to your video, you can paste the link of that post to your description.

Use Tags

Tags aren’t that much important but somehow can help you to get more views. Add some tags that are related to your niche. If you don’t know how to find tags, just open the video of your competitor and right click on that video page and choose “View Page Source” or you can simply use these keys “CTRL + U”. Now find in the source page the tags.


You can use an extension called the VidIQ Vision for YouTube. This will analyze all the videos for you and you can get the tags that your competitors are using with this extension.

Creative Thumbnail

Make a creative thumbnail. Title and thumbnail play a very important role in getting high click through rate. Use some awesome related keywords in your thumbnail.

So, these are some YouTube SEO tips to get higher ranks in a few days. If you have any question or suggestion, let me know.

Also, do read How To Get More Youtube Subscribers if you are struggling to get new subscribers.

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